Would you want to date a super rich guy?

This question is for girls, would you want to date a super rich guy? Like the type that owns a Bentley and has a huge million dollar house.

The reason why I ask this question is, most people off of first thought would think yeah. This is a pointless question, but in reality. Some people wouldn't date em because try are too different. And girls think they'll never be able to 'click' and build chemistry the same way they would from a middle class guy. So, what I'm asking is. Would you (a girl) be okay with the lifestyle changes that comes with dating a wealthy guy? What kind of challenges do you think you'll face?


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  • I don't think I would ever date a wealthy guy unless he came from nothing. The reason being because I feel instead of being a loving, understanding partner and earn your affection in that sense they would try to buy your love. That is a generalisation of course but it is 9 times out of 10 true. Not to mention I don't feel I would be able to keep up the fa├žade of being perfect that comes along with the social circles of the wealthy. I'm a down to earth, light hearted, funny person with a true lack of elegance and grace and frankly that just doesn't cut it in that kind of social group. Wealthy men also generally have reputations to maintain and are constantly talked about or observed.. its all about appearances and I am more interested in privacy and intimacy than glitz and glamour..

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  • He might be rich what if he isn't very nice. I'd go for a man who loves and cherishes even if he isn't well off

  • I once dated a guy I thought was rich (very posh house, lots of expensive cars, always the nicest clothes, ...) and I really didn't feel comfortable there because we weren't as wealthy as they were and for a birthday he bought me a cell phone, when usually I just get something random. So a good earning guy (if I fancy him) but not the posh rich kind because I don't feel really comfortable around them.

  • If he's not a jerk then sure I'd give it a try.

  • Of course we would.

  • No I don't think I could...at least not seriously. It would be out of my comfort zone

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  • I know girls who would. They are attracted to the wealth and financial security. They are attracted by the fact that this guy will be able to provide a lavish lifestyle for them. I know girls who had sugar daddies. He liked they aesthetics and they liked his wallet. The thing about this relationships is that in some cases the initial attraction was money or looks, but once they got to know each other they did find similarities ( ambitious, go getter etc)

  • eh money makes the world go round...

  • yes, goldiggers would.

    Challenges may be guilt, being overawed, and facing envy from friends or family.

  • Most people date rich people to inherit their money or take them for granted so free to date him but don't use him or his money.