Is kissing supposed to feel weird at first?

I just recently had my first kiss and it felt really weird. Way different than I expected.

I mean..I kissed my parents when I was a kid. I guess I was expecting it to be more dry.

It felt kind-of wet and his mouth was open during it. Is his mouth supposed to be open? Is it supposed to feel wet? Is it bad if I wipe the wetness off? I feel so awkward asking these questions..

Forgot to add...are you really supposed to have this "magical" feeling when you kiss? I didn't feel anything like that. But I know that I love my boyfriend very much. The kiss just felt weird.


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  • My first ever open mouth kiss was awful. I didn't know what to do. I had my mouth open hoping he would guide me through it but I have a feeling he was nearly as inexperienced as I was. I found that I had to take control if I wanted to have a great kiss. I have felt this "magical" feeling while kissing someone before and he felt it to because afterward we were just like "wow we haven't kissed like that in a while".

    Kissing new guys for me is usually not great at first but you sometimes need a little while to get used to the way he kisses and try and take control and guide him. Kissing is ALWAYS wet ha ha but recently I figured out if I control his mouth with mine it usually doesn't end up so messy and sloppy. Haha Not sure how guys feel about girls taking charge but it defiantly works for me.

    • Also, try practicing on the back of your hand. Yes both your mouths need to be open but when it feels right you will completely understand. Its so hard to expain


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  • You should definitely NOT expect it to be like kissing your parents :D

    When the chemistry is right, you will definitely have all your nerves tingling, but I don't suggest thinking in terms of "should" or "supposed to". First kisses, especially first open mouth kisses, are almost always awkward, and I'd say the first several kisses with a new person will have a degree of awkwardness until you get a groove with the other person.


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  • No, no "magical" feeling... that's a made up fantasy. haha

    And that all sounds about right... you will learn to like it ;)

  • it was terrible lol