Would you date a family friend/client's daughter/son?

Suppose the daughter / son is about your age range, or if age didn't matter. You both are feeling it for each other. Let's just say the client's are long time client's and you just met the daughter/son recently and both it off. And the client's became family friends.

State your reasons for your answer: YES/No/Depends

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I currently am. My boyfriend's dad is my parents' attorney. But then again my mom is his parents' accountant so... it evens out?

    It's an interesting dynamic.

    1. His dad is our lawyer.
    2. My mom is their accountant.
    3. My mom and his dad have worked cases together
    4. Our parents have been teem parents when my boyfriend and I were on the same swim team.
    5. Our parents have been very close family friends for 15 years.

    So... There are a lot of relationships our 'rents have lol I can't help that their son is within 2 years of my age and he's a boy and I'm a girl and they threw us together to "be friends" and well, can't help who you like, I guess.

    Our parents are able to keep their personal friendships out of their professional relationship though. The way I see it, my relationship with their son has nothing to do with our parents' attorney/accountant - client situation. And I also believe that if my boyfriend and I parted ways, our parents would still be friends and still be professionally involved with each other.


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What Girls Said 3

  • No, it's unethical to me. A client is a client. It's a no go zone.

  • I would date a family friend, as long as I knew them well, and we were already close.

  • No I generally am not into younger guys. Its not about that tangled web or anything.


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't think I would feel comfortable enough with that. Too awkward when it comes to being around family friends, clients, whatever.

  • What kind of client are we talking about here?

    • As for family friend's son or daughter, sure. I see no problem with it.

    • Buyers/sellers - real estate

  • I would you can't help who you full in love with