Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 3

We continue the list of celebrities who have met their in during 2016. If you missed my first two takes, Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1 and Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 2, please read them first!

1. Christina Grimmie

These takes wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take a moment to honor the much talented Christina Grimmie who was gunned down after a concert. She was very young when her life was taken, but contributed so much in that amount of time.

2. Debbie Reynolds

Only a day after he daughter Carrie Fisher passed, Debbie Reynolds joins her. She’s known for her role in “Singing In The Rain” and “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. For you “Will & Grace” fans, she reprised her role often as Grace’s mother.

3. Doris Roberts

While her most recent and famous role was as the overbearing Italian mother Marie on “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Roberts was also in “The Diary of Anne Frank” (1980) and “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three” before passing in April.

4. Anton Yelchin

Another young one taken too early. Anton Yelchin is known mostly for he reprising role as Palev Chekov in the new Star Trek movie series. Unfortunately, after a tragic incident with his car, Yelchin was killed on June 19, 2016.

5. Arnold Palmer

More than just a lemonade and tea drink, 2016 also claimed the life of the King of Gulf, Arnold Palmer.

6. Leonard Cohen

Canadian musician, writer, and novelist Leonard Cohen also passed on November 7th, 2016. One of his most notable songs was “Hallelujah”, released on his album Various Positions in 1984.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I wasn't aware Arnold Palmer was still alive till this year until just now

    • I wasn't, either. Everyone was shocked when he passed. I was shocked he hadn't already passed.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You still missed Glenn Frey.
    Founding member the Eagles.
    The greatest selling American band in history. Nov 6 1948-Jan 18 2016
    Writer of such classics as
    Hotel California, Life in The Fast Lane, Desperado, Take It to the Limit, The Heat is On, You Belong To the City and countless other classic rock hits


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What Guys Said 7

  • Thank you for participating in their reminder.
    It's a good intention to gather all the good people we have lost in one place like a memorial album and the good thing about it is that it will stay on your MyTake recorded forever and it can be reviewed as a list of those we lost in 2016 even years later as long as your account is active.

    It's been really a hell of a year in order of losing people! sad.
    RIP dear artists and talents.

  • I just came to the conclusion that Arnold palmer is Jesus... that is all 😬

  • Democracy died a bit, in many countries.
    Democracy IS a celebrity, since ancient Athens.

  • My brother met Debbie Reynolds. Said she was just delightful. She introduced herself to the entire cast and crew and said, "So I'm Princess Leia's mom..."

  • Thanks for including Christina

  • Red Wings legend Gordie Howe.

  • Sorry, but... I don't know any of them...


What Girls Said 3

  • I am gonna cryy DX
    leonard cohen :(
    was just listening to dance me

  • Honestly, I'm surprised Betty White did not pass away this year. I am shocked about Frank Sinatra Jr.

  • So many good people :(