Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1


If ever there was a year of ‘no chill’, 2016 was it. Don’t get me wrong. I know the past couple years have claimed their fair share of victims from Michael Jackson to Paul Walker. But 2016? 2016 just didn’t care who it claimed. Here are the celebrities who fell at the hands of 2016.

1. Carrie Fisher
Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

This is more of an announcement than anything else. She died today, December 27th, 2016 from a heart attack. She was on machines until her final breath with her dog Gary at her side. For those who are not Star Wars fans, Fisher was the iconic Princess Leia from the early films of the franchise.

For others who are not familiar with her in Star Wars, she is also the voice of Angela, Peter Griffin's boss on "Family Guy". She will reprise her role on two upcoming episodes of the series posthumously.

2. Alan Rickman
Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

Harry Potter fans all across the lands will mourn this brilliant actor. He had the poise and grace of a respectful gentleman but was also one hell of an actor. I mean, he’d have to be. He went from an alien in Galaxy Quest to a delusional judge in Sweeney Todd and a the conflicted professor in the Harry Potter series. His last acting gig was the voice of the butterfly in Alice Through The Looking Glass.

3. David Bowie
Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

While I was not a fan of David Bowie, he was the one celebrity on the list that was mourned for a entire month, although Fisher and George Michaels will be mourned for a while, as well.

4. George Michael

Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

They say celebrities go in sets of three and he went with Carrie Fisher and Alan Thicke. Although entirely by accident, Michael become a symbol in the LGBT community in the celebrity realm.

5. Alan Thicke
Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

The famous father of Robin Thicke and actor on Growing Pains, Alan Thicke passed away suddenly just before the holidays. He was mourned by his family and co-stars from his hit TV show in a touching tribute last week.

6. John Glenn
Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1

Last, but not least, is John Glenn. If you don’t know who this man is, then you need to take a trip back to a high school science class. John Glenn was an engineer and astronaut as well as the first American to orbit the Earth.

All of these celebrities and famous people will be missed in 2017 by friends, family, and fans. They will truly be missed.

Beloved Celebrities We Lost in 2016 Pt. 1
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  • Cccgala
    All of them were just precious and unique. All of them will be remembered. All of them were really noble and historic.

    Carrie Fisher was not just an amazing actress but was also a great writer. I own a copy of her non-fiction book called "Shockalohic"; it contains images of her and her memories from a dinner with two US senators to her experience getting inside Michael Jackson's theme park-like mansion. It was a great read and I definitely recommend it to know more about her.
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  • Aztecwarrior480
    Let's not forget that we've also lost the great Muhammad Ali this year.
    • Elarra

      I don't know if I want to put him in pt. 2 or pt. 3

      I wanted Prince in pt. 2 but I want like one major one for each part.

    • Well, Muhammad Ali's a very big one considering the impact he gave to not only the boxing world but in the real world as well with his stance against the Vietnam War draft.

  • WhiteSteve
    I'm still fucked up about Maurice White from Earth, Wind, And Fire😭😭😭😭
  • UnknownReflection
    Nice mention. It's been painful to see these people leaving us. Specially John Glenn. He will always be remembered.
    However, as a soccer fan, in the world of soccer (football) we lost two legends of all time. Johan Cruyff and Cesare Maldini. It's been devastating.
  • jacquesvol
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Jesop Ash of The Firebrand also died suddenly right before the holidays. He was run over in a freak accident, died instantly. Not nearly as big a name as many on this list, but many Facebook groups are in shock to learn of his passing.
  • Zorax
    Sad year indeed... don't forget about Bud Spencer:
    • Sadly his death was barely mentioned anywhere and he was a fucking legend

    • Zorax

      @TheInvisibleMan That's true :(

    • Zorax

      @TheInvisibleMan Kod nas na Balkanu njegovi filmovi su bili zakon...

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  • clampfan101
    Carrie Fisher needs to be shown in more than her Star Wars slave getup! Especially when talking about her death! Sheesh!

    Debbie Reynolds,(Carrie Fisher's mother), also died. The day just after Carrie died, in fact. It was from a serious stroke, extremely likely from heartbreak about her daughter's death...
  • _HimigNgKalayaan_
    And the unmentioned Dr. Donald Henderson. Who was one of the responsible for eradication of smallpox saving millions of lives and contributor to humanity's advancement.
  • Xfitchick
    Old people die sooner or later. There are so many that die and nobody talks about except some relatives and friends.
    • True enough, 60M die every year, only the celebrities are noticed when they go missing.

  • SarahsSummer
    So sad to hear of Princess Leia! You missed Prince and Glenn Frey two powerhouses in the music industry.
    • Elarra

      I'm doing Prince in part 2. I'll have to look up who Glenn Frey is.

      But I didn't want to do Prince and Carrie Fisher in the same Take since they were both major and shocking deaths.

    • If you have time, wait to watch the Kennedy Center Honors tonight on tv. He and the band he founded, The Eagles are being honored with performances by some of today's top artists.

  • FallOutBoy2001
    George Micheal was the first celebrity I knew who was openly gay, and made me feel a lot better about being bisexual myself
  • i1T2daty
    I remember when I first saw Carrie Fisher in that gold bikini, it still makes me hard.
    • Show some respect! The woman just died!

    • @clampfan101 Eh it's a good thing when she's dead and can still make guys hard. Better than being an ugly prune like when most people die.

    • @likitb4istickit Pitiful... 🤦‍♂️

  • enis_Penvy
    It's been a horrible year , honestly 2017 can't get here fast enough.
    • it's just a number. 2017 = another 60M or so will die as happens every year, barring something unusual like WW3 to jack that number even higher.

  • Luci92
    Too many losses :( we've still got a few days to go though!
  • abc3643
    Arnold Palmer
    Zsa-Zsa Gabor
    Keith Emerson and Greg Lake = 2/3 of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
    Gwen Ifill
    John Saunders
    Bill Dineen
    Harper Lee
    Fritz Weaver
    Florence Henderson
    Dragon Lady... oh, sorry, more commonly known as Nancy Reagan
    George Martin
    Kenny Baker (aka R2-D2)
    Anton Yelchin (Chekov in Star Trek movies)
    Gene Wilder
    Robert Vaughn
    Craig Sager (American NBA's equivalent of Canadian NHL guy Don Cherry)
    Hugh O'Brien
    Pat Summit
    Morley Safer
    Doris Roberts
    John McLocklin (WRONG! McLaughlin)
    Patty Duke
    Milton The Toaster aka William Schallert who played Patty Duke's father/uncle on The Patty Duke Show
    Garry Shandling
    George Kennedy
    Paul Kantner
    Abe Vigoda (yes, this time, he really is dead)

    Many more, but, if you are a north of 50, many of these people are iconic.
  • grashopper
    2016. A year where all cool people die and Trump won the presidency.
  • helloitsmethere
    And we just lost Carrie Fisher's mom... HER MOM! D:
    This was just a fucking shitty year...
  • SuitAndTie
    Debbie Reynolds (Carrie Fisher's mother) also died today. 1 day after her daughter died 🙁
    • Yup. A serious stroke I assume to have been caused by heartbreak... 😢

  • OfDeath
    Didn't prince and Leonard Cohen and Gene wilder and Mr Fuji all die this year too?
  • legalboxers
    too many people lost. and we got 4 more days left in the year..
  • RainbowFanGirl
    We just lost Princess Leia too :(
  • coachTanthony
    Terrible.. love them all.
  • lucius46ad
    Certainly was a year for America moving backwards.
    • dudeman

      its a good thing trump won its a giant step forward.

  • FinnishBeautyGirl
    I am mourning.
  • goaded
    Nice take, thanks.
  • kkendall
    christina grimmie also :/
  • Toad-1
    Thanks a lot 2016 😭
  • Mr-Kabuki
    we lost lemmy kilmister aswell
  • Dred1614returns
    Gordie Howe.
  • BruceTrails
    Legends have died but won't be forgotten.
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