My boyfriend treats me poorly but then blames me for complaining. I love him but what do I do?

I have been with my boyfriend for three and a half years. During this three and a half years he has rarely taken me out, not included me with his friends much, emotionally cheated by flirting on his phone/Facebook, ditched me on weekends because he was hungover from the night before or to club... Show More

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  • In my honest opinion, you are better off without him as your boyfriend. He's pretty much become disinterested in you unless it's convenient for him(i.e. back rubs, making his birthday special, ect). Trust me, guys know when they are distancing themselves unless like I said it is convenient for us. He knows he can ignore you and you'll just want him even more. All he has to do is tell you he loves you and he knows he has control over you. Trust me, this guy just ain't rite for you. You sound like a smart girl, and believe me when I tell you this: You should never commit yourself to to a person who you know isn't completely commited to you. Trust your gut, not your heart. It can mislead you in so many ways. Basically you shud start distancing yourself from him to make it less painful for the both of you. Make it clear that you can still be friends. There are many fish still left in the sea for you. Many of which will take the time to care for and appreciate you. But first you have to have the will to leave this one-sided relationship. I wish you all the luck in the world.