How do I tell my boyfriend I don't like him talking to this other girl?

I've been with my boyfriend for like a decade- Long time. There's this girl that's friends with all his guy friends. He hides his friendship with her because he knows I'd get mad. So instead I find out by snooping. Pics of them in a group. My boyfriends face against hers and another guy on the... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • hmm. so dont' be depressed. this is a serious issues. make friends with her if you want to to see if it really is just merely a "friend" relationship. I hate it when guys do that stuff. like I'm ok with them having friends but not "friends". girls can do that too where they cheat on their guy with a "friend". just be aware. don't be depressed. don't be too negative.

    what exactly is this girl to him? friends with benefits or what? that you need to figure out somehow. yeah have a talk with your man stat. and lay it out clear you don't like this girl being too involved here. I make sure things are clear.