Boss wants to sleep with me, told my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I we've been together for two years. He knows that I work long hours and value my career. Recently. I got approached by a guy at work who is very high on hierarchy who basically offered me a job- he'll be my boss if I accept. In the past, he tried to flirt and asked me out, which I rejected. Now he comes with an offer for a job and went above and beyond to make sure I'd get the job. Basically he's the one deciding who to hire. He also tells me that I am capable but I am certain of his intentions and why he wants me so badly to get the job. I told my boyfriend about this and that I spent lots of time with him in the office. He thinks I should take the job cause I worked so hard for this and I deserve the promotion. I dont know if he's jealous, he just told me to be careful with him and not spend time outside the office. Already asked me to go for a drink and my position is very delicate cause I want the job. My boyfriend thinks he's a creeper but doesn't think he'll try anything. Lately, my boyfriend started checking on me asking me where I've been, if I am going out and with whom, questions that he wasn't asking me in the past. Still says he's not jealous just interested on my whereabouts. My friends told I shouldn't have told him about this guy cause I made him insecure and no guy would like his girlfriend's boss to hit on her, and that now he'll overthink if I'd cheat on him with my boss. How to best approach this?
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my colleagues at work already talking bad about me & saying that the only reason I'd get is because I slept with the boss & that they could tell I was going for the big fish male bosses from the start.
Boss wants to sleep with me, told my boyfriend?
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