Do I have the right to be upset?

So it’s been going on two weeks now that my boyfriend spends 12+ hours playing video games. Now I’ve asked his brothers and their girlfriends and I guess it‘s a pretty normal thing around here to always be playing video games. No one is working right now so there isn’t much to do. The reason I’m upset is simple. He plays video games from 8PM the night before til 8AM the next morning. He sleeps til 3PM, we take a walk, he has dinner with me and spends an hour or so with me and is back on by 8PM. And it’s this vicious cycle. I normally get upset, but not upset to the point that I want out. But today, he pushed it. Yesterday he slept til 6PM, ruining not only our day but the last day his whole family is in town together. When he finally woke up, we all had dinner and by 8PM he was back on the game. It is 11:30AM and he JUST went to bed. And only bc I yelled at him and threaten to call his boss since he’s going to work at 4PM and it’s unsafe for him to work without sleep. Then he expects to come home from work at midnight and already told his gamer friend he’d be on at 1AM to quest. I’m so angry bc it’s like he never fucking spends time with me, he never sleeps next to me, he ruins our day and the bit of time we actually get to spend with his family, and on top of all this? He just yelled at me saying I’m negative and I’m the reason he doesn’t want to come to bed and how he’s a grown man and gets to decide what to do with his time, etc. Like somehow by victimizing himself, I’d understand why he games. No! Instead it makes me want to leave bc what the fuck is the reason for me to stay? I am so angry but I need to know, do I even have the right to be angry? What should my next move be?
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Do I have the right to be upset?
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