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I had sex with my best friend's frat brother now he hates me... Why??!

I have been best friends with a boy since I was in the 4th grade. Now that we've spent years getting to know each other, and become inseparable, I... Show More

My best friend just sent me a text yesterday saying, "I forgive you, TTYL." to which I responded, "Thank you, love you." and he responded "I love you too." So, things are off to a slow start, but I feel like our friendship can bounce back.

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  • As weird as it sounds, this so called friend of yours is mentally manipulating you, not to say, mentally abusing you. If he is a best friend, why is he upset that you had sex with the frat brother? Is not like he is going to date you. If my best female friend has sex with a guy, why would it bother me? We are just friends, not romantic partners. So what I think your so call friend has been doing is, enjoying the power he has over you. And by that I mean that he knows you like him romantically, and thus, most likely, that's some type of ego booster for him; now that you had sex whit his frat brother, his ego is crushed. This is a bit hard to swallow maybe, but you don't need a guy like that. What type of best friend is going to 'dump' you just because you had sex with another guy? Now, if this guy was romantically involved with you, I could see why he is upset; the case is that he is not, so is all about his hurt ego. Dump his sorry ass, and you need to get a self esteem check.

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  • ur relationship with ur bestfriend will never be the same by the way =(

  • it sux to say, you have just lost a best friend, and I know that because I am going through it right now. I am really, really sorry.

  • he reacted the way that he did, because you are like a sister to him, in the sense that he has a platonic relationship with you, and he feels responsible for you. He doesn't want his sister sleeping with his frat brother.

    • So why would he feel "betrayed" then?

    • That I don't understand. I'm not sure if he feels betrayed... I tried to call him so I guess he's more so just mad. He's still refusing to accept my phone calls. I wouldn't treat my sister like that if she had sex with somebody. It happened over a week ago, and he's still refusing to talk to me.

What Girls Said 5

  • In my opinion this friend has no right to treat you like this.

    You have to accept him having girls beside you, he doesn't want to have a relationship with you, and you are not allowed to have some fun?

    Sorry but he treats you like you were in his possession. If he wants to be friends, he has no right to be upset about you, and if the wants more he has to stop having other women beside you.

    That's just my impression.

    • I just went through this and I'm the guy. Let me say that it might not make any logical sense. Just from an emotional standpoint, you get really p*ssed off that your female friend went off and did this behind your back. At some level, you really care about this girl and can see yourself with her someday. You don't want to screw the relationship up so you keep quiet. Now what she does is she doesn't have enough self respect for herself or respect for you. That's why he's mad.

    • That is understandable but they are not together. So she can do whatever she wants as he will do whatever she wants.

  • you will lose him as a friend in the end I went through this and I never thought after 25 years we'd always be friends, men are territorial. if they want you themselves or not.

  • You don't have to do anything. He is the one freaking out and acting like a fool. You don't have to justify what you do to anyone. It's not like he was your boyfriend and you cheated on him. Let him not be your friend. If something like this wrecks your relationship, he wasn't a real friend to begin with.

  • I know this question is really old, and the update clearly shows that this problem is over...I just wanted to add...

    Frat brothers tell each other everything, so maybe your best friend knows that this guy is a total player and he just had sex with you to add to his many others... plus you cheated on your boyfriend so your best friend is mad at you because you aren't being honest...

    That's what I think...hopefully things are OK with you two now though!

  • He could be angry because he thinks you degraded yourself. When my female cousin started having sex with guys I hated her and thought she was a slut, because in my culture no one has pre-marital sex. it's a great sin to do something like that. I think he just lost respect for you because you didn't control yourself.

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