Why does he talk about me to his friends?

This has been going on since October.

He knows I like(d) him

And he told people he doesn't like anyone any he's not looking

Or finds anyone interesting (interests him)

He doesn't want a relationship with anyone right now

Plus he doesn't text me anymore and rarely replies if I text him ( and I know he's ignoring me Because he'll be texting my other friends)

But today in our class he went over to his guy friend and they were talking. He wouldn't look at me but his friend would glance over and stare at me. The. Start talking to him again.

He acts normal toward me in our mutual class but idk. I can't you understand why the hell he talks about me if he doesn't like me like that. Also I don't like him like that anymore (I've been moving on, and he probably still thinks I like him)