My boyfriend doesn't answer his phone when he's out. Should I expect him to answer out of respect?

My boyfriend is very attentive and caring except when he's out with his friends. Sometimes I need to talk to him very quickly about something important and he doesn't answer the phone. I know he wants to spend time with his friends so I don't call often and if I do call I keep the conversation to a minute or less. It worries me that one day I could really need him or there could be an emergency and its impossible to get him to answer. Should I expect him to answer when I need him even though I know he's having guy time?

like once I was babysitting in this really big creepy huse and I felt kind of uncomfortable so I asked him before he went out to call me to say goodnight and he never did so I called him and he didn't answer. Another time I was helping him with some work he had to get done and there were some things I needed info about from him and I called just for a few quick questions and he didn't answer. I had worked over 2 hours on it for him and he couldn't even give me a 2 second phone call


Most Helpful Guy

  • When you NEED him. Not just for a chat. If you're texting him all of time, you're essentially just making a real-life example of "the 'girl' who cried wolf". If you want him to answer more quickly, call him more rarely. I wouldn't answer my phone to my Girlfriend if she called me too much when I was with my friends. It gets annoying.