My boyfriend doesn't think I trust him? Got into BAD fight.

My boyfriend doesn't think I trust him!

we have been in a long distant relationship for a year and 5 months. he wrks 10 hours away from me, and I see him once a month.

He just went home to ontario ( I'm in alberta ) and I don't the whole worry thing and been insecure. and he doesn't think I trust him.

UUGHHHHHH Iys so frusturating! because I DO!

I kno he's not gonna go and hook up wth another broad while he's there, I know he woulndt even do as much as dance or flirt with another girl!

I just get worried Because I kno there's a girl I think he was kinda seeing before me, I jus ask is shell be around and stuff. he tells me she won't be and she HAS A BF!

and more don't worries don't worries!

we got into it kinda bad last night, we had an argument and I got upset before he went out.

he ended up calling me a bit later and was real sweet and was like are you OK now?

and kept asking me if I was OK. I told him yes I'm fine yes I'm fine! I was fine!

I basically did wht I THOUGUGHT would be trying to show him I trust!

I left him aloneallll night! if he wanted to text me and talk to me he could.. he did , twice saying wht he was doing, who was there, abd the he was going home in a bit, and he missed me!

and another cute one just saying miss you xxxxx

i write him back and I was nothing but sweet! and left it at that.

it was like later later and I hadent heard drom it yet, like 3 something in the morning his time. I called and it went to voicemail... so I sent him a text and said ouch.

then I called him back and he was like WTF IS your PROB:EM!

and was getting all weired and rude with me! and just not being nice!

so he got home and msgd me on MSN and it alllll went from there! he freaked out at me said he can't do this and I have ""ZEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"" trust for him

he can't take it

cant take the fighting... I tried calling him and he coulndt answer his phone and just hept saying "NO WERE TALKING ON HERE"

and that frusturated me SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADDDD1!

so ya and then the last thing he said was along the like of not doing it anymore... then ignoring me!

then me spent an hour fighting with him computer!

I just feel like I didn't do anything wrong!

i was nice when he texted me! I LEFT HIM ALONEEEEE!

wht more do you want!

then he was drunk grumpy ass and was a jerk to me! and it wasent fair...!oh I think I asked him again "so wht did you guys do" when he got on the comp.


so any idvice on what I can say or do?


what can I say to get out of this not trusting him slump he THINKS I'm in..!?

what can I DOOO to show him I trust him!

cuz all I thought which was the leaving him alone while he's out thing... didn't seem to wrk...

thank so much!

My boyfriend doesn't think I trust him? Got into BAD fight.
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