When girls wear dresses?

Do guys like it when girls wear dresses? I was wondering because I bought this cute dress and I want to wear it to school but I'm not sure if I should or not, do you think my crush would even care? Do guys rather just a girl in jeans & t-shirt or do y'all like it when we dressed up sometimes because I usually wear jeans and t-shirt or my hoodie. [btw its a white dress but at the top its sequined in gold and I was gonna wear it with some cute gold flats]


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  • It's now what you wear, its all about how you wear it. If you like the dress and you like the way it fits you then wear it.

    As for your crush, I think it depends on his personality. If he is a skater boy then he may think it is too girly, if he is a goth / punk / then he may find it too girly, if he is a regular guy then he'll most likely like it, if he is a choir boy and his mother raised him to be prim and proper then he'll most likely love it.

    In the end, wear it for yourself because you like the way it fits you and the way it makes you feel. Oh, and listen to the other girls because I'll be darned if I could give advise on if it is appropriate or to fancy for math class as I am completely ignorant on women's clothes. :)


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  • You'd catch my attention. Wear it on a really nice day and have fun doing it.

  • Most guys enjoy seeing a girl in a dress,simply because you don't see very many dresses anymore. When I was young, it was the norm for girls to wear dresses to school. Now its the exception. I would wear it if I was you. I'll bet you will get a lot of looks and complements.

  • Absolutely - I wish more girls wore dresses - I remember when my high school sweetheart wore a dress for the first time - I couldn't keep my hands off her.

    throw in a garter belt and you'll burn my retinas~

  • To be completely honest, most guys don't really have a preference if a girl wears a dress or not, especially younger guys. We are more interested in looks, personality, body, etc. But fashion is on the bottom of the list for guys. Most guys won't even realize if you are wearing a brand new dress, or if you're wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row (unless you smell of course).

  • Oh yes! If you wore a dress, heads would turn because it isn't normally done outside of a cocktail party or wedding. I know I love seeing a woman dress up every once in awhile.

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  • In my experience, most guys (not all, but most. ) like to see girls in dresses and skirts. I found it to be true in high school, in college, and out in the world. Dresses and skirts look more feminine, and most guys (whether they admit it or not) are suckers for femininity. Seems to be hard-wired in them (or at least in most of the guys I've known. ) But just be sure your cute new dress is not TOO dressy -- a white dress with gold sequins sounds pretty fancy for math class.