Does being called very pretty mean you're not beautiful?

I get called very pretty quite often. I know it's a compliment, but I've heard that it usually means the girl is really pretty, but not beautiful or model pretty. I thought that's what really pretty meant?! But I also get called cute, hot, and beautiful. And I know that all of these mean good looking, but don't they have different meanings? And can they all apply to the same girl? And I've also heard that people usually won't come out and say someone is beautiful. They usually say really pretty, even if the person is beautiful don't they? So does really pretty mean average looking or can it mean beautiful or model pretty?

Well I do think that very pretty can mean beautiful, but I've heard a few guys say that very pretty is not the same thing as beautiful. So that's why I asked. lol


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  • I think you're way over-thinking it. It's a compliment, simple as that. If you still get called beautiful, I don't see why it even matters.

    Plenty of girls would be happy to just hear that they're "very pretty"--why question it?


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  • very pretty = Beautiful. don't worry babe you're fine. (fine also=beautiful)

  • did you seriously ask that haha

    its the same thing


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  • Yes. It is the same thing. not a big deal

    • You are overthinking it. but at the same time, I get where you're coming from lol. I am happy to get called any of those things, but WHO says them matters most.

      besides, I also think you make yourself beautiful to others. Example- none of my friends are anything like what a stranger would call beautiful. but, having known them, seen them through all kinds of things, and had them see me through, I consider them the most beautiful people I've ever seen. it all depends on your perspective.