Why do guys think I'm easy?

Every guy that's my friend has told me he thinks I look easy but all my girl friends say different I'm so confused bout it...


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  • It could be one of two things that make the guys say this about you . It could be the way you present yourself to them . You may be sending signals that you're not meaning to send . Certain actions you take, or clothes you wear, how you do your makeup, or even your attitude . Remember that 95% of the time, guys are thinking about sex so anything that excites those thoughts can be considered easy .

    The second reason could be that maybe they WISH you were easy so they could have a chance with you . You know how they say if you hear something enough you'll grow to believe it ? Maybe they think that by telling you that you come off that way, you'll eventually be like well I hear this enough, I might as well do it . That's a possibility but I've had mostly guy friends my whole life and have never had them say anything like to me, so you may want to analyze the first possibility .

    And especially in high school, the majority of girl friends are sooooo fake ! They could be thinking that you come off as easy but because they're your "friends", they wouldn't dare tell you to your face because it's so much better to tell you what you'd want to hear and tell everyone behind your back how it really is .


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  • Are you sure that those guys are your friends ? They sound a little tactless to me . When a guy thinks a girl looks easy, he says it because of things like clothes, make-up, the way you flirt or act around other guys, or what your past experience has been . Sad, but true . Your girl friends probably won't say that because most girls are perfectly oblivious to this, or they think that it's perfectly okay . Just be more conscious of what you wear and the way you act, not that you become a nun, but that you're aware of the way guys are looking at you (I assure you, they are . )

  • Hmm

    I want the girl I'm pursuing to be "easier" - otherwise, if she keeps playing hard to get, I'm gone .

    You can't control what people think about you, and trying to do so just makes you weak, be who you are, let history write what it will - you know what your doing and where you going .

    As far as guys your not into that you've spun into "friends" - they just want to think that, because they can't have you - my advise is to ditch those dudes .

  • Guys have actually said "You're easy" to you?

    They weren't joking were they?

    But, anyways, if you have that kind of open relationship with your friends, then you might as well ask them why you look "easy" and how you can change that.

  • Well what kind of clothes do you wear ? Do you wear clothes that show a lot of cleavage or other parts ? Do you flirt with every guy you see ? Do you date every guy you see ? Do you get physical with a lot of guys ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then they have a pretty good reason to think so .


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  • It's natural for girlfriends to take your side when you ask them a question about yourself .

    How do you present yourself ? Do you wear tight or low-cut clothes ? Do you send signals by being overly friendly or overly touchy with your guy friends ?

    Or, it could also be that your guy friends were just teasing you . Maybe you don't look easy and they just wanted to pick on you . Or maybe they would like that you were easy because they wish they could hook up with you .

  • Who the hell is any1 to say 'u look easy'?

    Look how you want to!

    One day you will be gray and old possibly regretting the things you didn't do as opposed to the things you did. So, sod them - that's what I say!

    Get your granny coat and slippers out if you want to please the guys that say 'you're easy' and while you're at it, get a purple hair rinse too.

    Be who you want to be!

  • Well all I can say is that it depends on how you represent yourself . Maybe the clothes you wear or something gives the message of being easy . Your friends who know and love you don't think of you as easy and therefore won't be able to give you a truly unbiased answer .

    • But she said in her question that the guys who told her she looks easy are her friends...

    • I meant girl friends . Guy friends are cool but they often say stupid things . No offense guys:) girls do it too so don't worry . True girl friends are the friends I'm talking about .