Why do guys think girls approaching is the solution?

I hear a lot of guys talk about how this would make things so much easier, and I guess, somehow improve their chances of getting a chick. Maybe.

I was for the female approach thing - or rather - at least women making themselves more initiating in letting the dude know your interested.

I was thinking about the girl approach thing - and I wonder if this whole " male seeks female -" thing was set up like this on purpose.

1. Girls approaching doesn't mean you'll get approached.

It's just reality. You can't force someone to find you attractive or like you - if anything, this makes the girls even more in charge in this situation - because it will force men after a while of not being approached - to approach anyway.

2. Just because she approaches you - doesn't mean she's Miss. Perfect

In the small talk it takes to get someone's number - you don't have a valid idea of what type of person they really are. Sure she thinks your cute - but that doesn't means she's still not the biggest bitch, rude, spoiled, a user, manipulative etc - traits that don't come out until you get to know a person more anyway.

3. Male competition would get worse.

I've heard every guy who's presented this argument, say that men will not turn down a girl, half as much as girls turn down guys. Women have a good amount of different men seeking her - how would you feel as a man, for her to be walking up to every guy plus you - getting all your guys's numbers - and then ultimately still having " veto power -" because one guy out of your group rejects her 5 of you other guys will accept her. So now, you really have to step up your game against such a blatant circumstance. What's even more emphasized - is that your readily expandable if you don't get her favor.

I know I know - that sounds bad - but that's the nasty reality of veto power. Men are lax on their standards for women, so for a chick to go out and find a dude ( and all men have confirmed this that I've spoken too -) it's pretty easy. Even for women who aren't half way decent looking - there are men who will take them.

4. Sexual Liberation and Modern Mentality Women

Some Girls are just as doggish as guys - and the influence we have in men can make that aspect ridiculously more severe. You think it's bad now that a lot of girls open their legs up to guys so soon? Men give women sex easily - because they want sex badly - this idea of sexual openess on top of that - holy sh*t - not that I'm saying girls will instantly become whores - but sex is so casual in society - getting multiple guys for sex would be thrice as easy - even if they're just boyfriends because men aren't as picky with this.

Lets not exclude the femanazi - and hyper feminine ideas in society to add to that as well.

Men think women have power now?

I don't think this approaching thing will help more than it will hurt.

What do you think?
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Why do guys think girls approaching is the solution?
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