Why most men don't approach women?

I've seen a lot of questions on here where girls ask why they don't meet good guys, why only they happen to meet players and other questions. Most guys don't approach women at all and those who rarely do are often confused if it is a right moment and those who always do are players and douches. Screen out guys like this.

1. If you think that guys should approach you and you will give no fuck if he doesn't and will only entertain those guys who would come to you then I am sorry the type of guys you want have jobs and other work to do. They are not here to spend the whole day with looking out for women to approach.

2. The reason only players and weird men approach you more is because they are the only ones who approach every woman out there. They are loud everywhere. We dont approach you because we think that you will be creped out if we approach you in a day.

3. When you hang around with your gay guy friend whole day then it is obvious that a good guy who you dream of will think that he is your boyfriend. When you hang out in group of girls then it is a big no for us to approach you.

4. Even if a good guy approaches you which is rare because we are very selective because our actions can be interpreted differently because we always think we would be judged and this thinking may cause the awkwardness that you often experience when someone approaches you.

What's the easiest way to find a good guy? Well, take a step forward and try to involve yourself a little bit. You should approach a guy too or start a talk because he would feel comfortable to start a talk with you. The moment you initiate a talk, you give him a chance to impress you without any restrictions.
Why most men don't approach women?
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