Do you think attention whores have ruined dating for both men/women?

There are a group of people (mostly women) who get off on the idea of people showering them with attention. So let's look at case of women since most of them seem to be within that group:

1. A lot of them will give a guy their number, and string him along with false hope that she's interested in him. Many of them will flake on dates but make up an excuse as to why so the guy stays hooked until he get frustrated and give up.

2. Many of them are very narcissistic and get joys out of rejecting good looking guys just so they can brag about it. In fact Mia Khalifa is a good example of such a woman. She rejects Drake advances and then decides to post his text conversation with her on twitter so people can see.

3. Many women will give all the signals and make a guy take the risk of approaching her only to humiliate him once he plays his hand of interest that she is not interested in him like that.

4. Some girls even go so far as to humiliate men who try to act flirty with them over text and either show it to their friends for a good laugh or post it on the internet so people can make fun of them.

With all that being said it's a wonder why young men are still approaching women today when they have to go through such mind field of possibly being screwed over. And this also hurt women too because the girls who genuinely want a date/relationship will have a harder time guys approaching and not thinking she is stringing him along also. No wonder men these days have a short patient to take things slow and want sex fast because they think we are playing them if we don't drop our panties immediately.

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Do you think attention whores have ruined dating for both men/women?
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