Why do boys want girl to make the first move?

At my job , it’s kinda like a highschool , everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend at the job and arrive and leave the job together in same car , I’ve had many guys crush on me, and they don’t initiate talk to you.
Instead all the boys would look at you various times, walk near you on purpose, or appear in front of you various times many days on purpose so you see them and notice them and so you talk to them.

I assume they want you to approach them and show interest and the more you talk to them the more interest you show , then will will be able to make you his girlfriend. I also think the ones that do this are shy as well.

I just think it’s kinda smart, rather than approaching 20 girls talking to them asking all of them for their number and being rejected.

I guess it’s not like old times where Guys make the first move?

I also notice the few guys that approach you and actually talk are the ones that are fuckboys & super social.

The only guy that had approached me to talk in my 26 years of life was a fuckboy.

Only fuckboys are the confident ones to talk and make first move.

Why do boys want girl to make the first move?
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