How can I properly move on?

I know he doesn’t like me. I’ve always known that and been aware. I’m not delusional enough to think he would ever think of me.
In fact, he’s made that very clear in the past and has rejected me actually this year in April and once back in may 2022. The first time wasn’t direct, more of a block. He has always been very respectful about it and I can 100% understand. I’ve been so obsessed with him and I guess I’ve made him uncomfortable, but yet he’s so patient with me and is willing to be my friend. We’re really close as friends and we have for a very long time, something I never even thought would happen due to our past.
After he rejected me I didn’t take it too hard and I moved on very quickly, same with how the awkwardness went away in 1 week.

I decided to not make it a priority to get him to like me. He was still in the back of my mind but I had no plans on further doing anything between him and I. I just waited for him in case. Months have passed since and I was sure I had moved on. I liked other boys and it wasn’t just him anymore. We are friends and that’s all I’ll settled for.
I thought I had moved on until I heard about him and another girl. How they had made out at a party and how serious they’re getting. That made me realise I was never over him. It’s not the fact that he’s with her, it’s the fact that I was never good enough for him no matter how hard I tried. I became a better person for him, all the changes I made were for him and still I never once crossed his mind. It all makes me feel so unlovable.

I’m trying to forget because he didn’t mean to hurt me. It’s not his fault and it never was. He probably thinks I don’t like him anymore but I never once stopped liking him for 2 years. We had no romantic connection whatsoever, so why am I so caught up in the idea of him and I?

I know he doesn’t like me, but he’s still everything I want.
How can I properly move on?
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