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What do guys think of girls with bangs?

Just bangs straight across the forehead. Do you guys like them or not? And don't give me any of that cliche "Oh, don't care what other people think"... Show More

  • Vote A Yes, I think most girls look good with bangs.
  • Vote B No, I don't think most girls look good with bangs.
  • Vote C It depends on the girl.
  • Vote D I don't care.
  • Vote E Other (explain)

Most Helpful Opinion

  • different hair styles require different styles of bangs, the straight hair with straight cut bang down to the eye dyed black and thinking its cool. NO

    beauty and classiness is all I care about, if she can walk into a ballroom dance theature and kick ass in her simplicity and neatness. that'd be something.

    a lot of stupid styles the media brought and girls started to imitate then THINKING that "america's next top model" is a show that depends on fashion and style .. NO it doesn't don't quote any styles from TV and go out thinking ur the S***T and give guys "i'm sexy" looks. nops, that's very painful to my eyes

What Guys Said 3

  • I like em, but I prefer cute over sexy anyway. Um not really sure what to think of girls with bangs other than they are cute I guess.

  • What's a bang?

    • LMAO. hilarious... I gave you a good rating for that. but yea I actually didn't know what they were either until my sophomore year

    • I'm guessing it's some type of hairstyle?

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think they care very much.

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