I always catch him looking at me.

so the guy I like said he's not interested. so in an attempt to get over him I avoid him when I can and resist making eye contact. the thing is I always catch him looking at me. my friends see it too. what's up with him!? if you don't like me, don't look at me right?! he's confusing me.


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  • i agree with the other girls and not so much of weaponzero's answer...if a guy liked me but I had no idea and never even thought about it, and if he confronted me and I said I'm not interested...i would continue looking at him to see what he is all about, may be regret saying I wasn't interested, I would look further into him to figure out if I may like him too...its natural...its an ego boost by default, and when you know someone likes you, you wanna give them a chance sort of...

    i don't agree with the fact that guys only admire physical beauty...im sorry if you like what you see, that's great, it really is, girls look at good looking guys too without any interest of some sort...but if you're single, and you know this girl likes you, and you're constantly look at her, you're actually trying to analyze your feelings for her, trying to see if you could possibly like her...or give her a chance to at least get to know her as a person...unless you're a player or d-bag or something than that's a different story, but a nice, decent outgoing guy would give it a second thought...


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  • Just because he doesn't like you doesn't mean you're not nice to look at. It's called physical beauty, and guys can admire it even in someone they don't like. It's why guys stare at girls. Doesn't mean we care about her, doesn't mean we'll screw her or even hit on her. Just means we like the look.

    • That sounds very confusing?? How does a guy "like the look" of a girl, but not have any other emotion? I know as for a girl, we can find a guy good looking but not find them physically attractive. Is that what you mean? And we may think they are good looking, but we don't really stare unless we are physically attracted to him.

  • He is possibly playing hard to get... I know because I did the same thing, Girl was head over heels for me and I really liked her but I also liked being chased and yeah she chased but she got bored and now I wish I wasn't such a **** and hit it off with her.

    Have fun, chat to other guys and generally move on and if he likes you he will soon coming running :) use you're womanly charm


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  • i'm not a guy so my reason may be different then a guys, but whenever I would find out a guy liked me (and I had zero interest in him) I would pay a lot more attention to him, not on purpose, but knowing they like me I suddenly have this interest in them (not romantically, just enough to be curious what they're doing)

    • What do you mean by "what they're doing"? Please elaborate because I've noticed girls do this and I really don't know what it means.

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    • Lol how so does it hurt your ego?

    • Well, he asked me out, or told me he liked me, so I feel special, there's something about me he likes. but then if he goes and finds someone else, I guess it doesn't take much for him to like you... so I guess I'm not special =(

  • Yea this is happening to me too. My crush isn't interested in me. However, every time he sees me by work, he stares.

    I will never understand why. I think it might be because he wonders about what might have been. Or, he feels bad for rejecting you.

    I ignore and avoid this guy too. It's embarrassing to see the person who rejected you.

    • Why is it embarassing?

    • Usually its a lot more simple than that. Read my answer for why.

    • Because it is embarrassing that's prob the real reason why most girls won't ask out a guy the shame. I mean when a guy asks me out and I say no in a nice way the next time he see's me he would actually cross the road to come and say hi but if it was me that asked the guy I would never want to see him again or have him look at me for the shame and embarrassment you feel, guy's seem to know how to handle it better than girls lol

  • It's highly embarrassing when you have a crush and he rejects you. I personally feel inferior and like I wasn't good enough. It's even more depressing when I know I have a lot to offer him, but he isn't interested. I simply cannot face him.

  • i think they do it because they know you like them. And instead of you guys insisting, you are avoiding them, they stare and look in a way missing that attention you guys gave them?

  • If you catch him looking at you, probably it's because he thinks you're watching him too.