Why do girls look away when walking by?

I'm like amazing looking, but when I walk past them on campus they look away and act like they are looking at something else!

This is a serious question BTW, I am that full of myself.


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  • 1.) You're not that good looking.

    2.) You're gawking.

    99.9% of girls always glance and smile, if they're 0.01% interested.

    • That's not true, 50.0028% of girls are shy and intimidated about an amazing looking dude. Also, did you know 98.8% of statistics are made up on the spot?

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    • I'll take your at your word, you're a really good looking guy and you want a really good looking girl. You walk by a girl, smile, and she smiles back then looks away. I think I see your point. Most girls are not going to hold your gaze for more than a brief second. Keep your smile, hold your head up, and look forward. At that point you're going to have to act if you want to meet the girl. Be afraid if the the girl comes running back to you; she's probably psycho. Just trying to help.

    • Oh I know man, you're answer is actually the best out of all these. At least you aren't throwing insults like "you're ugly" and whatnot. Who knows maybe I'm just full of myself and need to examine a mirror closely. I have to have an ego to feel good about myself and boost my confidence. "Fake it till you make it" is my motto. But thanks for the answer and conversation.

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  • haha well maybe not everyone thinks you are amazing looking... everyone looks for something different. don't be so cocky... its not attractive!

  • lol wow amazing looking...

    its either a hard-to-get thing or they subconsciously don't like you as a person... :)

  • perhaps they don't want to look like they're staring?

    if you're as good looking as you say you are, ofcourse.

    but then again, maybe they just don't want to bump up your ego

    i mean, honestly, mate. it's pretty massive as it is.

    • I gotta have a huge ego to feel good about myself.

  • Maybe you should be nice and smile. :)

    • I NEVER smile...since I look much better with no emotion on my face.

    • Well I would avoid a guy and not look at him no matter how hot he is if he doesn't smile. But that's just my opinion.

  • most likely because You are so fantabulously HOT! BUT the ego-maniac stench is coming way too strong for their liking. Who wants to get caught staring at a good looking jerk? . . . that would just make him feel better about himself. Girls have this "player" radar lol it works great

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What Guys Said 3

  • maybe because your ugly?

  • they do it to me too, and I'm ugly as hell... bl bro you've just got lumped into the same category as me! :D