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Why do guys only care about looks?

Why do the guys always look for looks in the girls and not what they look like inside?

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  • That's not true. Sure, the looks are the first things guys notice, but that's not everything. Of course we notice the looks first, as it's nearly impossible for a guy to like a girl like that before seeing her (it is possible, but improbable).

    personally, the first thing that I notice is the eyes (yes, I do mean the eyes). after that, I'm not shallow enough to base a relationship off from what her eyes look like. I want to get to know her. That's what will keep me interested. The looks are only the beginning.

What Guys Said 4

  • Um guys aren't looking to marry someone at under age 18. Maybe you should get that. They want to have fun, when I marry my girl yes she must be good looking but she has to have a good personality and be willing to talk to. Right now, if you are straight ugly I'm not going to mess with you.

  • While that might be the case for most guys about first impression, it is also true that looks will get you only to a point. It is the inside what matters after the initial phase. If it is hollow, I don't see any guy sticking around for the bomb "shell", literally.

  • That is not necessarily the case all the time. Men see the looks first and may dismiss a girl based on that reaction only because they don't know them. If you have a personality that they might find attractive they need to see that also. The trick is to get past the first judgement and give them a chance to get to know you. If they find your personality attractive then BAM it's all good. If they don't then why would you want to be with them anyways?

    • This guy is very right by the way :)

What Girls Said 2

  • Probably because they're conditioned to. Porn, TV shows, and video games all portray women as a sexy trophy, no more. So, you are what you watch.

    Date a geek, they're nice and will love you no matter what!

  • Because dudes are visually stimulated. Whereas girls are emotionaly, hence dudes are shallow.

    • Lol agreed.

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