How can I get a guy to cheat on his girlfriend with me?

we both like each other, but he says he loves his girlfriend and doesn't want to hurt her. I tried so many things and I don't know what else to try. what should I do besides forget him, because I know I can get him some kind of way?


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  • Just make it clear you don't want a relationship and just want to mess around/sex. He will drop his guard and not think of consequences and only rewards. Then if you do want a relationship with him you have a much better chance of getting it because whoever controls his d*** controls him. Plain and simple.


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  • In all honesty a girl that tries to get a guy to cheat on a girl that he is actually committed to is nit going to be respected... at all. I'll think she is easy, shallow, and I'd never consider to be with her. I might have a one night stand with her when I'm single again, but as far as that, I'd be pretty much done with her.

    However, you didn't ask my opinion and I have been the guy in the situation. If it's strictly sexual and not because you want a relationship(because it probably won't happen, it won't be a serious on, and he'll most likely drop you for some other girl faster than he did the other girl) I suggest by starting to point out his current girls flaws, not just physical. That will do nothing. If she nags him a lot tell him. Tell him he's whipped from time to time. Tell him you wouldn't have those flaws. Figure out ways to get him alone more. since it says under 18 for you age it's safe to assume you're in high school, get him out of class. If he's willing to spend alone time with you then he's willing to cheat.

  • You can't make a decent guy cheat on his girlfriend sorry...

  • Get him alone and undress infront of him and tell him it's NSA! most guys will be nervous, but will go for it

  • genius question, I gave you a 5 star rating. Make an effort to be alone with him a lot then hint like crazy. Good luck young grasshopper.


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  • Oh c'mon! You can't be serious. I'm not trying to be judgemental or rude but my advice is that you spend your time and energy on figuring out how to build some self-esteem or something. Why in the world you'd want to get a guy to cheat on the girlfriend he loves with you is beyond me. Is it fun? Is it a challenge or something? The girls that play with men like that are the reason I get into bar fights.

    Do you really like him? If so, why not respect him enough to let him be happy?

    If you get him to cheat, you're done in his book (I think). If you think he'll fall in love with you instead, think again. More likely, he'll tell his girlfriend and she'll be furious for a few weeks then take him back on the condition he never see you again. So, you lose a friend and gain - what? Nothin.

    I think you should forget this guy and save your time and energy for someone you could really be happy with. Sorry if I sound harsh.

  • Maybe try to get him alone, and try to turn him on when its just you two. :)

  • Make him trust you. This means you can't interfere with what he has with his current girlfriend.

    I have a guy I like who has a girlfriend he lives with. I think he keeps her around because she's innocent and unsuspecting. If I text him during work hours (or in the middle of the night), he usually comes by for lunch. He pretends he wants me to delete his number so I don't get him in trouble. I don't and I tell him I won't text him much. He just leaves because deep down we know we'll get together again when the urge over powers us, I think we both feel it and need to come together no matter what is going on in our separate lives. It feels good to know that I can have him physically. I know he's a cheater and wouldn't be a good long-term boyfriend so this works for me!

  • Say you still love him.

  • Ummtryi o ge a guy tocheat on his girlfriend how would you feel in her position... migh as wel get over it andmove on he's ain't gonna dump her