Ugly without makeup?

I almost died the other day. My Best friend for ten years went to the spa with me. She got A facial stripped her makeup off. I never thought it looked like she wore too much... And I feel bad for this but she is really ugly without it. I was shocked because she usually looks so stunning. Guys your thoughts on This? I mean what would her boyfriend say if he saw her like that? Or will her personality be enough for him to look past that?


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  • I think this is an issue a lot of people are thinking about now. With thousands of makeup tutorials on youtube, and a sephora in every mall, it seems like half of the people we see are actually sporting the fake "hot" version of themselves.

    Guys always say they prefer the natural look. But what they mean is they don't want to notice any makeup on the girl. However, I've seen it a million times, both on this site and in real life, they of course inevitably are attracted to girls who are wearing plenty of "natural" looking makeup.

    When we put on well-matched and blended concealer, foundation, translucent powder, and contour, plus thin tasteful liner, mascara, blush, and lipgloss, it looks "natural". Sure, lots of girls wear colorful eyeshadow, clumpy mascara, winged liner, and heavy bronzer, not to mention unblended badly matched base, but then they are branded as wearing "too much" makeup. Hear me out: they are often not actually wearing any MORE makeup than the "hot" girl. They're just not putting in on in a way that *looks* natural.

    So basically, my point is that this kind of thing is VERY common. People most often do NOT look the same without their makeup, no matter how natural their makeup looks. In fact, it can be even more shocking to see the toned down makeup off, because they look like a totally different person.

    If you always saw your friend without makeup, you would be used to her looking that way. The reason it shocked you so much and looked extra ugly was because you're used to seeing her made up.

    I have heard guys tell me they do get disappointed when a girl they thought was hot takes off her "natural" makeup and they realize she's not. I also know that a lot of guys know and expect that girls wear makeup and they don't notice or care about it that much as long as the makeup itself isn't ugly or obvious.

    So, basically, a lot of women wear makeup because they don't like the way they look. There's nothing wrong with making yourself look better, but it's better to do it as a result of self confidence rather than as a lack of it.

    Probably how her boyfriend reacts to her depends on what kind of person he is. I've heard of married women who seldom if ever let their husband see them without makeup. If someone ends up wearing makeup the majority of the time, that sort of become more the "real" them than the real them... It's all about what you're used to.


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  • Her boyfriend shouldn't say anything. That's so mean to say she looks bad naturally.

  • if a girl can look beautiful without make up while wearing some simple clothes then she is really beautifull. when I see my girls without make up I just love it because they look natural. but the most importat thing is to stay quiet if the girl is ugly.that can hurt. alot. its like when a girl says that a guy got a small d***. same kind of insult

  • honestly I prefer girls don't wear makeup at all, or just not too much. I like girls who be and look like they really r.


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  • i don't think she would have looked ugly. It just would have been a shock to see her without makeup for the the first time. But as you are her best friend I'm surprised you haven't seen her without it before. her boyfriend has probably seen her without makeup many times over, so the difference probably doesn't shock him. All I know is without no makeup on, I have dark rings, freckles and a spot here and there and most people would be like woah, if they saw the difference it makes. I'm just so glad I have friends who won't judge me at my crappiest and therefore I am comfortable to wear no makeup around them. and my ex boyfriend was an absoulute sweetheart, he never judged me without makeup so therefore I barely put it on around him. I think your friend is clearly insecure about her skin for that to be the first time you've seen it, so instead of being like woah wtf?! just know that EVERYONE is flwed in some way, and it doesn't mean they are avoided like the plague. clearly your friend attracted her boyfriend with her looks, and kept him with her personality. You shouldn't be shocked, you should be happy that you have a friend who's personality shines through!

  • Wow you're a great best friend.

  • lol I bet her boyfriend would love her just the friend is a model but without her makeup she isn't anything special (tho I still think she is beautiful) her boyfriend said she is a trainwreck without makeup, but said he looks past that and loves her for what's on the inside <3 (they joke about how she is a totally different looking person with/without makeup lol)

  • wow sucks to be your best friend ha ha kidding...make up can do wonders huh...but seriously you might not be use to the natural look...give it a chance...suuure she might look more glamorous looking but I think natural is better looking...its just not as edgy as you might like it.

  • I agree with that guy. That's not nice of you to say:(

    If she's your bestfriend, it shouldn't matter what she looks like and neither should he