I have a lazy eye, would you date me? Would you even ever get NEAR me?

I have a cute little body, pretty face, and sweet green eyes... yet I'm cross eyed. My right eye won't be looking at where I'm looking at most times. (I'm far from conceited >_>)

I hate it, it makes me feel so ugly ... I blame my eyes for the reason why I don't make a lot of friends and don't get noticed by guys. I mean, I'm pretty but I'm the most pathetically shy girl you'll ever meet. I'm afraid to talk to people (specially dudes) and look them in the eye. I'm scared that they'll notice it and start making fun of me.

In middle school, everyone picked on me, the whole class... the guys used to call me ugly and a freak ... the girls used to play mean pranks on me, they'd make me cry.

I've gotten through three years of high school and managed to not let anyone notice my eye ... I wear reading glasses and have my bangs cover over my eyes.

But cause of it I don't have much friends, I've never dated, I've never kissed anyone, I don't know what it's like to have a best friend.

I wish I could just rip my eye out.

It's gotten to me so bad that I've tried suicide on a daily basis. I can't talk back to people when then yell, I get beat up, I get used, I might be socially awkward, I don't f***ing know.

BUT, I met this guy, I REALLY, REALLY like him, I mean, he's the only guy that's actually tried talking to me. He's into me too. He has no god damn clue that I'm a freak, but he's going to find out that I'm cross eyed eventually.

My question is, would you ever date someone that's cross eyed? Would you be ashamed to be seen next to them? If you were him, and you found this out? Would you hate me? Would you never talk to me again?

I'm scared.


Most Helpful Guy

  • kids are assholes, so forget them. If you got by for 3 years without anyone noticing then it can't be that bad. And if it is really bad then people are probably just ignoring it and are beginning to grow up. I have met really great people who have had lazy eyes. After you are friends with them for awhile you hardly even notice it. You need to focus on what you believe are your best qualities and people will begin to notice them too. If all you are ever focused on is your eye then that is what they will be focused on.

    As you get older you will begin to clearly see the difference between nice people and mean people. Eventually you will find a guy who likes you for you. Just keep smiling and laughing and you will live a better life.