How to tell a girl that you think she's pretty, without sounding creepy about it?

quick question for all of you. If a random guy just walked up to you and just said "you look cute today", would you think he's a creep?

if so, what are other lines for a guy to just tell a girl that he thinks she's pretty without sounding creepy.

for example, if your busy working and some random guy who thinks your cute just said hello and initiated a small conversation and then before he leaves he just states that he thinks your cute. would you feel shy?

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  • If it's someone I've never talked to (especially if it's some old guy), I'd be freaked out. However, if I just had a short conversation with you or somehow knew you, you'd have made my day (as long as you don't have a reputation of being a player). Even though I may not express the gratitude you deserve at the time, it doesn't mean I don't believe you or am unappreciative, it's just that I'm probably very surprised (and probably slightly trying to figure out if you're being genuine) at the moment. Hope that helped :)

    • so what your saying is a polite, small, casual conversation is what helps before you say something like that? ... ha ha it makes sense, I suppose

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    • That would be one example but also when both go up and down repetitively. That one's worse.

    • lol, I'll remember that