Guys wear earrings?

Why do guys wear earrings? On one ear it doesn't bother me so much but when I see a guy wear a set of diamond earrings or small hoop earrings the only thing that I can say is WTF!


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  • Good Question! honestly I think its a question of ones own sexuality. If it was a fad there would have been a time where women thought scars were cool too. Women never thought scars were cool and probably never will.thus men shouldn't find it necessary to where earrings.

    Look at this way.In the past Men use to wear those white ugly wigs. now most men realize how stupid it looked. try wearing one of those to work everyday. lol

    one day men will look back and remember how gay (and by gay I mean fruitfully happy) they looked.

    Need another example. the 80's big poofy hair and makeup trust me those guys looked fruitfully happy too. where are they today?

    • See that's just like earrings...and this man, I'm guessing, is fruitfully happy =)

    • I think scars are cool. =P

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  • I don't get it either. I can tolerate like maybe a stud earing of some sort, but diamond earings are alittle unsuitable (my personal opinion) because I think the guy looks more feminized with that sort of stuff.

    I don't care if a guy wears that, but w/e. Most of the guys I've seen don't wear that.


  • Diamond studs maybe to "show the money"? If they parade around with them, the golddiggers may look and give him the attention he is begging for.

    Nahhhh, its not my type of guy though.

  • well some women like it! I'm personally a fan! and also right now its so big because its in style!

  • because they think it looks good.

  • Ain't my type of guy!

    just my 2 cents

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  • It's just fashion, where he grew up and what's socially acceptable for him.

    I think the emo look is gay but I'd probably look the same as them if I was younger.

  • What's the problem with that? The person is wearing what he likes to wear. It's an accessory and he likes it.

  • I wonder that myself =)

  • I disagree completely with NotSoBad and anyone else who things guys with earrings are gay. Just because a guy wears earrings does not mean that he is gay or even feminine. I have my ears pierced and if someone walked up to me and told me I was gay because I have earrings I would punch him in the face. I do not wear diamond studs. I think small gauges look good on some guys. Diamonds make you look gangster and large gauges make you look like an idiot that can put their fist through their ear hole. Earrings from about 10-2 gauge can give a unique cool look. I don't care if you get your ears pierced or not but don't go bashing people who do.

  • bro its the style these day I don't have em but there just in style it will go away again.

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