Guys, Is this married guy interested in me or is he just polite a dude?

Wen I was around 27 y. o. I studying at post graduate studies. One of the teachers was ~ 4 y. o. older guy, already married at that time.

I like the the guy, but as my ex-teacher. He's that type of guy who wanted to help everybody with his subject. During periods between classes he talked to students from our group. He's easy to get along with. He followed back many students (both genders) on social media since we followed him first to see his work. And ofc, I followed him and he followed me back.

It's been years we have each other on several social media accounts. I don't post much and I have about 40 followers. So it's easy to track what people are writing to me in my comments, DMs, under insta stories. I engage regularly with at least 15 people on those media, him included.

Here are the highlights that stood out:

1. I see that now and then when I dress up, do my make up that is different he sends reactions such as ♥️ or 🔥. He sometimes complimented my looks during those years on DMs ( "you're pretty", "I never thought you can smile" - since I have RBF everyday etc.) but few times he also laughed at my earrings or some other stuff I wore.

2. When I wrote something about not having a good period in my life, he often was curious and asked about what happened or tried to cheer me up in a sentence or two like "It'll get better". He always supported me when I did my gym challenges by writing "great record!" or asked "don't your legs hurt after that?".

3. When I ask my followers to ask me a question he always writes 2-4 of the. He's always the first one to write them down too.

4. When I added an option to ask me a questions anonymously, I received immediately 4 questions from one person. One question included asking about my previous partners.

5. When we talked in DMs many months ago he asked me in the same conversation why I don't take pictures of myself.

So, is he just a nice guy or is he interested in me, even though he has a wife?

Guys, Is this married guy interested in me or is he just polite a dude?
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