How long before my boyfriend resents that he's in better shape than I am?

I wasn't in my top shape before we've started dating, and now I've gained about 7 lbs on top of that. We eat out way more than I did. He works out all the time and has an awesome body, whereas I'm about 5'6, 137. I've been really overworked and stressed and I'm finding it hard to time to work out (I have about 10 more hrs in my work week than him). I know I can find time to work out, but it means not doing other things I find enjoyable.

I know he wants me to be as fit as he is, but how long do I have before he starts to be mad at me for it?


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  • if he loves you then you both will work something out and he will be there for you to help you when you decide on a plan.and be supportive of you on your way to a healthier person without being mean to you, but if you say you will do it then try and commit to it, and he will help you every step of the way and encourage you as the results happen. it will work out for you, just don't worry too much.


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  • Ignore that. 5'6 and 137lbs is not fat...and nowhere near it. If he has 10 more hours of free time than you, and complains about you not working out or staying in shape, tell that fool to work as much as you do and see if he still maintains his regimen. By the way, he must not be black lol.

    • It's the heaviest I've ever been, so it bothers me. It also bothers me that he works out and I can't seem to find the time to do something that is important. Guys are visual and I want to make him happy.

  • You can lose the weight. Read "Fit for Life" by harvey diamond. You'll easily drop the lbs without feeling deprived.

    • I don't doubt I can, as I am usually thin. Just wondering how long he'll give me before he gets mad about it.

    • Well, you can actually approach him first and acknowledge your situation and tell him the steps you're going to take to rectify it.

  • This happened to me, yes I was somewhat disappointed but I didn't leave her, she was still my baby and weight was going to stop that. If you are worried I suggest working out for 15 minutes before you go to work and 15 minutes after,do that about 3 or 4 times a week. I even helped my lady lose her weight by being her workout buddy, if this guy values you he'll be there regardless.

    • ...but how long do I have before he starts to hate me?

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    • I've addressed it myself ... I am just having trouble getting motivated to start losing weight. Eating 1100 calories is tough when you're stressed and 15 minutes of working out has to be really intense to actually burn calories.

    • I said two 15 minute workouts a day, one before work, one after work. If you feel worried about how he feels, talk to him about it. Getting motivated is hard, take baby steps to get back into it, do a 10 minnute workout and go from there. It doesn't have to be intense right away, just start and the results will come.

  • As soon as you hear any hints whatsoever about you workin out, he's going to start looking else where..

    • A month? Two months? Is starting to work out good enough to keep him around or is it too late by that point? Should I just dump him now to save face?

    • Naw if you start to work out are really into it he'll take that as a sign of you whipping yourself back into shape. Also since he's really into it, it could be a way for you two to bond (even if you don't go together, just the fact that you're both on the same wavelength will be attractive to him).

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  • are you guys from long island ?new york?