How Can I Get More "Lanky"?

I'm a healthy weight. My BMI is around 22. I eat really healthy and work out. I take care of myself. But I'm still "chunkier" than I'd like to look. I want to look more lanky. I'll still be somewhat curvy because of my bone structure. So before anyone goes all "curvy is the way to go". I WANT to be that way. So any tips?


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  • lanky is about being long & thin. you can't make yourself taller. And if you have a curvy bone structure, you can be skinnier but you won't be longer boned.

    if your close to 18, you probably won't grow taller.. so your not going to get lankier. but you can be thinner. just lose weight,. eat 500 calories less per day than usual. exercise everyday. don't skimp on protien -that needs to stay the same so you don't lose muscle mass.

    you will lose around a pound or so a week. in a few months you will be quite a bit thinner--if you keep it up. make sure to drink two liters of water a day & get at least 55 grams of protein. lots of vegetables.


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  • No matter WHAT your weight is...your bone structure is decided by your genes.

    If you're not "lanky" now, you probably will never be "lanky"...but if you exercise and eat well, you'll lose weight and look slimmer. :)


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  • well..u can't rele make yourself's more so a body structure that someone already has (ex: long limbs, lean or skinny)