When a girl looks away first...

if ypu caught a girl looking at you, what would you think if she casually looked away first. would you think she was shy or would you think it was something else. what if you knew she liked you and acts like this?


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  • A looks just a look, I'm not going to get self conscious over it. Girls check me out all the time. The ones that look away quickly I don't really think about. The one's that do funny things are the ones that tend to stick in my mind for better or worse. Yesterday I caught eyes with a girl that was staring at me and she gave me a big confident smile, so it made an impression. That doesn't mean shy girls can't make an impression, it just depends on their behavior. Like this one girl was testing to see if I was looking at her or her friend. I was busy working on some stuff with someone and she moved while I wasn't looking down at my work. When I looked up she had moved over to my side. I looked over at her and she was watching me in the corner of her eye and it looked so goofy I thought it was cute and smiled at her and laughed a bit. =P She kind of blushed and smiled looking down, but at least she acknowledge it in her weird little way, which is good. A quick dart of the eyes away is just ignored by me.

  • That would be just fine for me since staring is awkward when prolonged.


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