I flirt with my cousin, is this wrong?

me and my cousin get on so well, and I've told him more about my sexual experiences than I have anyone else. and now we've started flirting and even role playing online. I know in my head it's wrong but whenever I talk to him I just can't help myself. we've already organized a date when we are going to meet up and talk in person. my head is so messed up, help me please!


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  • you can keep the flirting up as long as its just flirting. don't get physical or one thing may lead to another...

    just remember you'll have to see him in 10-20 years at family gatherings and think about what you guys did...

    or hell, if you guys are in to that kind of thing, go for it! <---least good answer...


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  • Whatever floats your boat, but remember, its not his fault you are doing tis to yourself. Its you. You just happen to have no other option than having sex with him, or flirting with him. there are lots of fish in the sea, but if I was ur brother and I'm a whale, than your a whale too, but ur cousin is that whale that looks retarded. and if you hook up wwith him I'm gonna say "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur kids or gonna look like that retarded whale eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeee"

    so please, don't be incestuous, quit being incestuous, and end this... before it goes too far.

    • Yes. I'm not sure what you mean, but you said whales and made whale sounds, so you win.

    • What can I say... I never lose. :D

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  • I think you guys had better stop! Really- I mean, a lot of famous monrachs etc. used to marry thekir cousins and some probably still have intermarraige to preserve their bloodline, but nowadays, although not necesaarily wrong, I think our society is too sensitive to accept that kind of relationship and your family might be repulsed, to be honest depending on what the structre and dynamic is like, so you'd have to risk the potential of your family anf friends really disapproving of your relationship, but if you think its worth it, I suppose you coulfd continue, but you're venturign into dangerous territory with that, beacsue soem people percieve taht kidn of thign as akin to incest. =/ I don't but society/ family can be very jusdgemental and coservative.

  • I do think its a little odd why would you flirt with your cousin he's family!

  • Well if he's like ur fifth cousin and onward its fine, anything under that is not good lol u'll have fked up lookin kids

  • YOU CAN NEVER HAVE A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COUSIN...IF YOU HAVE KIDS THEY WILL HAVE DOWNS SYNDROME, which is mental retardation. back in the day it was more normal to, because nobody had much schooling and people were much more unsafe dating people from school or the workplace.