Dating an Aquarius Guy?

How did you attract him? Girls who've dated an Aquarius guy, what was it like? How do you attract him? I just met an Aquarius guy, and though I'm not going to change for him, I want a few pointers.

What attracted them to you?


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  • Hi! My boyfriend is an aquarius! :)

    You attract them by being interested, but having other things to do. They don't like someone who's 'always there' because they like independence! They like the chase, so don't always let him have his way and be a bit hard to get. They like to socialize so if you like nights on the sofa, think again lol. They like it if you get on with his friends, are friendly (they can't stand miserable people! ), they like intelligent people, they don't really like showing their feelings especially loving ones, so don't expect flowers or anything like that lol, they like time apart from you - they will want time alone with their friends/family, they like to think they are always right lol, they make very loyal friends and have to be friends with you before even considering a relationship, don't try to make them jealous as they don't get jealous and will just leave you, thinking you are playing games lol, don't be needy.

    Basically he wants a partner who is also his best friend, has her own life and doesn't have to see him all the time, isn't too emotional and is friendly and sociable. Also, they like to feel needed sometimes, even though they will never seem like they need you lol :)

    I'm into astrology as well, But I ignore most of it because I am a scorpio and it says scorpio and aquarius are the worst match lol! So I wouldn't read too much into it!

    I hope I helped :)

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      Yeah, I try to avoid astrology but it does give me a slight idea of the person. Still though, I hate that whole compatibility thing!

      Wow. A lot of good tips, you know a lot about this sign! So there's no chance of him falling head over heels? Haha boo!

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      Yea, I agree with most of that, except I don't mind needy people, it gives me something to do and try to help with. Of course I like to feel like I'm always right, and yea I like time to myself, except I tend to show my emotions a bit more once I really get to know people, or if I'm in a relationship where I feel the other person is interested in my stuff. As for the flowers thing, I'm completely into that so I'd have to disagree with that and from time to time sitting and being more romantic.

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      I'm chat aquarius guy online , he chat when I'm chat him , he's not chat me first , sometimes he responded in a min. Sometime take long time , all the time he's talking dirty with me and he's continue if I'm answer him dirty too , when he chat me he use my name a lot , but before 2 days I'm chat him and he's not answer two days , I like him and I don't know if he's interested or not? Do you think chat him or keep waiting?