How to get a guy's attention?

What should a girl do to catch a guys attention?

Guys: What catches your attentions?

Girls: What tips do ya'll got?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dress as cute as you can that matches your figure. Don't dress slutty or whorish but dress hot and sexy in an innocent way. If that's possible. Lol! Flaunt your positive assets be it your boobs, your tiny tummy, your big butt or your shapely curvy legs. Learn hot do sit and stand to look your best. But do it in an innocent way. That means tight tops but not overly on the cleavage; a touch of bare tummy if small, tight low jeans if your big butt is one of your asset; short jean skirts or skirts/dresses that are short but not micro by any means. Never appear to be showing off even though you are like crazy. If it's your legs that drive guys crazy, then when you sit, learn how to cross your legs so that the sides slide up as if you didn't know. Lol! Colorful undies for occasions where they might peek out for a moment. Okay, now most of all, keep your hair looking nice and a smile on your face. Always! Make eye contact but not overly and a little special smile that says "thank you" when stared at by a guy you consider cool or hot. When you notice a guy looking at you a lot, make sure he knows that you're aware of his stares and don't change your stance regardless of how your standing or sitting no matter how much you're showing. Like make eye contact so he knows you know and just enjoy the attention. If you actually want to meet him or just get to know some guy better that you already know, then smile more back at him and move your eyes away and back again and they away and back right at him. Trust me, you'll have all his attention. Just relax and feel confident and never like try to cover up something you noticed he's staring at.