How do I know when my girlfriend is ready to have sex?

How do I know when my girlfriend is ready to have sex and how do I come on to her? After all she is a virgin and I wanna make it passionate for the both of us. What do I do?


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  • Just make everything romantic and perfect make her feel like the queen. Don't rush just take things slowly, have a night in when no one else is there. She is about to take a big step with you so you need to prove how much you care about her. Lots of fore play and if she's not ready then you need to be cool about it! And if you do end up having sex then after she'll need to be reassured that you thought it was amazing! Don't just roll over and fall asleep; that is the worst thing you could do! good luck!


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  • I agree to the romantic setting. First of all, how long have you been together? I'm hoping more than a month has gone by lol.. How old are you? And her? These are all questions that need to be thought about before you try to put the moves on her.

    Maybe you and her should talk about if she thinks she's ready. I mean, don't tell her your planning on finding that out later, but ask her how she feels about it. You will be able to see it in her eyes if she's scared or happy. Drop the subject after discussed briefly, and continue to make her laugh and be her friend. Continue to make her feel comfortable with you.

    You'll know when the time is right. And she will too. If she's not ready, she'll let you know. And once again, if/when she says she's not ready, please remain her friend, her companion. If you start to act different around her if/when she says "no", chances are she won't be saying "yes" anytime soon. Good luck :)

    P.S.- Be gentle with her ;)

  • She will let you know when she is ready.

    Don't force it, or she might want to leave you.


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  • This is hard for all of us dudes. The only thing I can tell you is be kind even if she turns you down. Just be calm and as accomodating as possible the girls all know exactly how they felt their first time so they know best when she is ready. As far as our side goes be a gentleman, that's all you can do. At least if it doesn't work out you are coming off as a good guy. Not that you are not. And if it does work out do us all a favor and spend a little Q.T. with her. Do us proud bro.

  • Always let the virgin make the first move. If you don't they might think you're rushing it and just want a piece of ass.

  • im asuming you have both talked about doing it. she will be nervious you should start by doing forplay way bofore you have sex. don't rush though you shouldent pressure her she wil let you know when she is ready because she will respect and trust you a hell of a lot more if you tell her you won't pressure her to do anything even if it kills you you should just wait it out.

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