When a girl hugs you tight, what does that mean?

I was at a party with this girl, and when we were all leaving she came up to give me a hug, but she all of a sudden starting hugging me really tight like she wasn't going to let go. And earlier in the evening she sat down next to me, then got up, stood next to me and was brushing up against my arm for no reason at all. I've asked this girl out, but she isn't ready to date because of a recent bad relationship, and she has a little baby. I've told her that I like her, but she doesn't want to tell me how she feels, yet she flirts with me, and hugs me like I described, not to mention the weird (but awesome) physical contact.

So does she like me? If so, then why won't she tell me?

The reason I ask about this hug is because it's the most obvious hint that she may like me. There are other things, like flirting/compliments. Recently I noticed that on Facebook, she started adding a lot of my friends...now we have like 13 mutual friends


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  • I think she does like you, but she could be worried about a number of things, one of which is most probly being in another bad relationship. Another is probly her baby, as relationships can have a big impact on children. I think she squeezes you when she hugs you because you make her feel protected. There is just something about giving a guy a hug and him just squeezing you/holding you tight, that makes you feel protected and loved.

    I think you should give her some time. Just be there for her, support her and show her that you're good with children.

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      Thank you, good advice. I'll certainly do that. I just hope I didn't scare her off by telling her that I like her!

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      Yeah, you're right. My ex actually works there too...but she works another shift, so it's not an issue. I'm pretty sure she knows, because you know how word gets around. So are you saying that she may like me, but is scared to date me because of all the baggage/potential drama/work related bs? I really just want her to like me...I'm cool with not dating. I like her A LOT, like I can never get her out of my mind...so then I log onto my computer like a jackass and ask these ridiculous questions.

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      I can totally relate, but the best advice I've been given is to go with the flow and let nature take it's course. I'm not the most patient person in the world, but there's not much else that can be done