Why do girls ignore you?

This girl and I have been talking for a couple days now but now she is ignoring me. Why do girls do that and what can you do to get them to talk to you again.


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  • The only way to really know is if you confront her on it. You could have done something that made her uncomfortable, and now she doesn't want to think about it. For example, the one time this guy and I shared this really awkward kiss. I couldn't help avoiding him because every time I saw him I thought back to that uncomfortable moment, and I felt sick. Finally he hunted me down, and I was cornered. I confessed the awkwardness, but it should have played out better than that. So really as you can see, a lot of it is up to her- whether she's willing to openly communicate and confront the situation. If you just approach her with the question, "Hey what's up? Maybe you're not doing it on purpose, but I get the feeling you don't want me around. I'd like to fix things if I did something wrong." If that doesn't work, you've been as honest as you can, and she just doesn't want to open up. Move on from there.

    Her ignoring you could also be a way of playing hard-to-get, but from my experience, that's not usually the case. Usually if they're playing hard-to-get, they won't entirely ignore you. That's because they want you to pay more attention to them without coming off as needy themselves. They'll respond a little bit after you've paid a lot of attention, but they won't just not respond at all.

    It could also be that she has a boyfriend. Maybe you two hit it off really well, and she realized she had feelings for you. That scared her. To avoid being a bad person and letting things turn into an affair with you because she liked you too much, she just shut you down. Maybe she doesn't have a boyfriend but is insecure about getting intimate with people. Once again, she realized she liked you, and it freaked her out. She could be someone who's been in a bad relationship or just has trouble getting close to people. She doesn't want to get hurt, and she has a harder time resisting you when you hit it off so well. She's trying to "nip it in the bud" by ignoring you completely.

    Also, what were the circumstances when she was paying attention to you versus ignoring you? Who was around in both situations? Could she have been trying to "put on a good face" for others by being nice to you, and then when you were alone decided to show her true colors/feelings for you by not giving you the time of day? Maybe she doesn't really care for you and was being courteous to you because you'd just started talking, and then when she realized that you wanted to continue talking to her (that it wasn't going to be just an occasional encounter), and then got annoyed and decided to make it clearer that she really wants nothing to do with you.

    There are multiple possibilities, but you won't know for sure until you ask.

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  • She probably isn't all that interested in you, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings by telling you that so she just stopped texting you. Sad, but this is most likely the ugly truth.

  • She may not be interested in you, and she probably thinks that you do. So she could be trying to give a message to back off a little. There's nothing you can do that will make another person talk to you. She either will or she won't. Just give her some space and let her think things out.

  • she doesn't like you anymore

  • GO talk to her some girls want the guys talk to them.

    try 1 2 3 times to talk to her.

    if she kept ignoring you after that & acts lke she doesn't want to talk to her then she doesn't want to talk to you.

  • She is either playing hard to get or just not that into you. Try ignoring her and see if it brings her back. If this continues back and forth than she is not taking you seriously.

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  • Don't bother trying anything. Women sometimes do this, or ignore you right from the get go. I have no idea *why* they do it, and it's rude as all hell, but some of them do it.

    I just interpret it as them saying "You're scary and freaky. If I acknowledge you, I think you might kidnap or hurt me or do something nasty and dirty to me. You're scaring me by just being here."

    I love women, but when one does this to me, I just feel like flipping a middle finger in her ignorant, stuck up direction and walking. Trouble is, she wouldn't see it because she's trying so hard to avoid eye contact as well.

    Fortunately, there are many more lovable ones than there are stuck up, rude beyotches, so cultivate the good ones, or there aren't going to be many good ones left.


  • Girls ignore me because im ugly, a nerd, make more money than the guys that chase them around who drive cars, as im not cool enough to want to drive. if you want a girl to talk to you, just tell her, if she doesn't want to then ditch her and move on. she might just be busy. or you failed or offended her in some way.

  • If you didn't annoy her odds are is that she is very likely playing hard to get.

  • there are two reasons,

    she is not into you or she is playing hard or she is busy

    just go and talk to her,if she excuse herself then you will know it that she is no longer intrested in you

  • Girls are bitches. Try saying something douchey because they tend to like that. lol Don't really do that. Just ask her why she stopped. If she still doesn't answer just leave her alone and move on.

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