I am a hopeless romantic.

My question is... I am a hopeless romantic. Ladies, is that bad in a guy? I am not like all soft and feminine about things, I just love to be in love and show it as well in relationships. I love making my partner happy by doing sweet and thoughtful things and I don't believe chivalry is dead.

Ladies, I am single.. LOL


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  • I would love to meet a guy like you one day, for me its not bad at all in a guy. I find it very adorable that someone like you is a hopeless romantic, I wish there were more guys like you than the bad ass ones. Chivalry is not dead, but some guys choose to act like jerks around girls and they fall for them I don't know why.

    Don't give up on relationships just yet, your time will come and that right girl is out there for you. Just not your time yet;

    But yeah I would want my guy to open doors for me without me telling him or hold my heavy bags when I grocery shop for my mother instead of me hinting I need help. Some guys are clueless.


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  • Thank you for renewing my faith in the male race LOL

    • No problem, just being honest. You're absolutely gorgeous and I hope you find one of your own to be good to you =)

    • Awww thank you =)

    • Anytime!

  • no that is definitely a bad thing. Its a nice thing. Just don't come across as too co-dependent or needy. But if your romantic..thats def a plus :)

    • Ya again as I said, I am not a pussy.

  • You See! Everyone loves you. Why are you even posting such a silly question? When you meet the right person for you, then everything will be perfect. I am also the "typical hopeless romantic female". So keep searching my friend and don't change a thing.

  • honestly I am not sure. at my age (20) I m attracted to guys that are more sweet but somehow they are only putting on an act. so make sure that when you meet a girl, you keep it real. I know I do, I m a very respectful and committed girl. I am a hopeless romantic too. but I tend to meet ass holes.

  • I think it is a good thing to be affectionate towards the one you love and show them how you feel. There's nothing wrong with that.

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  • it seems to turn girls off at the beginning when you're first dating, but once in a relationship they seem to appreciate the romance much more, as long as the guy maintains a fun, confident and independent disposition.

  • I think I'm the same way, and it scares me to think I might be turning off girls with this.

  • I'm like this dude! I swear if girls actually gave us a chance, they'd see that edgy side in us that they claim to want... It's like we treat them how we feel they deserve to be treated and they just immediately bored and turned-off by it.

    I don't get it man. lol

  • Im like you man. I've partially just given up, it seems like people just aren't capable of loving til the end anymore. You do one thing wrong and the girl just sits on it and thinks about it til it eats her up and breaks up with you. Or you're too nice and like me too much so you seem boring and predictable. Or you don't care about them enough when you try to back off a little. All while its expected to do the courting, paying for dates, and take the action on everything. Even when sometimes the action you take is "too much" for them and you need to slow down. It gets extremely bothersome. its not that I'm not confident or attractive, its just that this sh*t makes me want to join most of the people my age and just try to hookup.

  • I can't believe the answers lol

    I guess there are still humans on this earth, not animals guided by instincts if you know what I mean...

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