Why does he do this???? I make him smile means???

Guy says you make me smile, texts me firsts, wanted a cute picture of me and he sent a cute picture of himself.Does he like me?

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  • look he likes you just calm down...

    when you make him smile he's just happy to be with you

    he texts you just because he wants to talk to you

    when he wants a cute pic of you he just wanna show other people about you and reminds you how cute you are

    • ya np your welcome good luck with this :)

    • thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions, you have really helped me

    • well that can't be all true, a guy can put a lot of effort to just get sex but there's a point that guys won't wanna know you anymore but this one sounds like he wants to know more about you and etc. just be careful and good luck with this guy :)

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  • he seems to like you if you make him smile you make him happy same with the pics he wants to look at you when your not around

  • Likes you, but doesn't necessarily mean he likes you in a serious way, could just wanna get you to be nude or do whatever.

    • Who says they aren't? A lot of guys like that are generally screwing other girls while still going after another. Not saying this guy is for sure like that, but he could be. Time will eventually tell because eventually even they will say "f*** it."

    • ya but wouldn't guys get sick of putting so much effort to screw a girl when he could be screwing other girls.Why put so much effort in someone unless you like them a lot right?

    • Never said I think that for sure, just it could be. I really don't know what to think because I don't know enough about the guy. And you'd be surprised how far some guys would go to screw a girl.

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  • Yeah lol

    • what does it mean when he says I make him smile?

      do you think he might care for me since he is doing lots of effort

    • Yes he likes you and how am I able to tell if he's a playerfrom the information I was given

    • do you think he likes me?

      why would a guy say you make him smile?

      do you think he could be a player?

  • yes he likes you!

    • I don't know. Maybe he's trying to get you to like him first and then he'l try and have sex with you after a while

    • ya but from yur advice

      dont you think if he wanted sex he wouldn't put so much effort in liking me and more in having sex right?

    • okay now I see what your asking. Well I don't know if he wants to get into your pants again. Maybe he is if he's tried it before. If you don't feel comfortable with him then don't get involved with him. I really don't know if he's changed or not since I don't know him. Just be careful and go with your gut feeling

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What Girls Said 2

  • he likes you.

    • why do you say dat?

      do you think he could be doing this to screw me?

      i hope not

  • I find this to be pretty obvious.

    • Does he act like an asshole towards you ever? Has he had more than one girlfriend at once?

    • so if its obvious do you thikn he might be using me or actually cares for me?