Why does he do this???? I make him smile means???

Guy says you make me smile, texts me firsts, wanted a cute picture of me and he sent a cute picture of himself.Does he like me?

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  • look he likes you just calm down...

    when you make him smile he's just happy to be with you

    he texts you just because he wants to talk to you

    when he wants a cute pic of you he just wanna show other people about you and reminds you how cute you are

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      if he says he finds me cute isn't that bad?

      would he calll me hot or good looking? if he likes me

      i told him if he finds my friend good looking and he said she is cute like me. I told him have fun working with her and he was mad cause wanted to work with me.

      Do you think he might care for me?

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      thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions, you have really helped me

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      ya np your welcome good luck with this :)