Why do most white guys act rude toward black girls?

OK well first of all lets just get this out of the way, I'm not trying to be one of those self hating black chicks you always see on here. well I... Show More

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  • Hmm..

    Well, in Colorado, I have yet to encounter any rude white guys in real time. They are typically very respectful and sweet - the bastards online are another story. I've been attacked by a good amount of more racist / hateful white men on the computer. But I think that's only because the internet somehow gives people the balls to say stupid ignorant sh*t. Other than those pathetic excuses of men, most white guys are generally cool. My closest friends are white dudes and we have a pretty good time whenever we hang out.

    As far as dating, I've only heard that a lot of white guys are put off by the ghetto ignorant chicks. Some aren't attracted to black women, but then there is a good amount who think black women are quite attractive - so it depends on his personal preference I'd say.

    Yea, I've had those older white guys approach me and what not, offering the whole sugar daddy deal. I gladly declined, as I make my own money too lol and don't fancy being taken care of for every little thing by a man.

    But yea, ass holes come in all colors - I've encountered way too many black guys who disrespect black women so...

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    • "ass holes come in all colors"

      Oh, I am so turned on by this

    • LOL