Why do most white guys act rude toward black girls?

OK well first of all lets just get this out of the way, I'm not trying to be one of those self hating black chicks you always see on here. well I live in california I'm 16 so offline I really don't experience this I have no issues talking to/ being hit on by really any race. I'm black, asian, russian, and romanian with a little Hispanic. although I have what would be considered european features i.e. small nose, long hair, skinny etc. you can still tell I'm black cause I'm like the skin color of megan good. omg I'm talking a lot about myself kay on to the question. I've noticed online a lot of white guys have bad things to say about black girls. yeah id agree a lot of black girls just aren't attractive, and some have bad attitudes. but a lot of Asians aren't pretty same with white and Hispanic and they can have nasty attitudes. now look I say "a lot" not all cause I'm not trying to at all generalize I live in california where we are pretty open I've met some of the nicest white guys I've only dated white and Asian guys cause there aren't a lot of black or Hispanics where I live. it seems like most the guys who are attracted to me are older and or have a lot of money and want to be that whole "sugar daddy" type, I'm not into that. I have my own money I wanna be someones equal. yeah yeah I know the whole spiel about society and steryotypes. but I don't want a generalized answer I want to know why you would or wouldn't date a black girl. be honest, NO sugar coating. thanks. I'm just super curious after I came across a few questions on here about this.


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  • Hmm..

    Well, in Colorado, I have yet to encounter any rude white guys in real time. They are typically very respectful and sweet - the bastards online are another story. I've been attacked by a good amount of more racist / hateful white men on the computer. But I think that's only because the internet somehow gives people the balls to say stupid ignorant sh*t. Other than those pathetic excuses of men, most white guys are generally cool. My closest friends are white dudes and we have a pretty good time whenever we hang out.

    As far as dating, I've only heard that a lot of white guys are put off by the ghetto ignorant chicks. Some aren't attracted to black women, but then there is a good amount who think black women are quite attractive - so it depends on his personal preference I'd say.

    Yea, I've had those older white guys approach me and what not, offering the whole sugar daddy deal. I gladly declined, as I make my own money too lol and don't fancy being taken care of for every little thing by a man.

    But yea, ass holes come in all colors - I've encountered way too many black guys who disrespect black women so...


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  • How can I ever be mean to a black girl when Obama is the president?

  • Uh lol, I wouldn't date a black girl if I wasn't attracted to her whatsoever or if I didn't like her personality. I would date a black girl if I was in the slightest bit attracted to her and I liked her personality.

  • Im not rude to them, I'm just not attracted to them.

    • that's okay :) I'm not usually attracted to white guys either. Some of them aren't even white, they're pink D:

    • yes you keep answering on these types of questions. -_- youve already got your point across pal

    • They are easy to answer.

  • i'm not mean to black girls..

  • On the whole, I just don't find them to be particularly attractive. I mean, if I found a black girl to be attractive, and I liked her as a person, I'd date her, sure. People are people, so long as a girl hits both of those things, I'd date her, regardless of color or creed.

  • Online is wear cowardly people full of hate hide out. Older men with lots of money, have more confidence in approaching girls. So you are going to see those types of guys, no matter your race. Also the black community has spent so much time talking about black pride and such, that most white guys don't think black women, are even open to the idea of dating a white man.


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  • I'm black, attracted to white guys, and never had a problem with white guys. I let them come to me because 1) I realize that there are still some racist people in the world, even the very liberal city I live in, and I'm the kind of person who would somehow wind up hitting on the leader of the local white supremacist group and 2) I'm scared sh*tless to approach guys I'm attracted to. That much said I don't act like most black people and get accused of acting white all the time when I'm just being myself. I was raised in the suburbs, I went to private school, and most of my friends growing up were white so I'm a product of my own surroundings. I don't act ghetto, my hair is real, my nails are real, and if I'm out on the weekend you're most likely to find me in an Irish pub. I also don't have the stereotypical features of black people my lips aren't big and my @ss is nothing much to stare at or talk about (walking back to my room one night in college with a friend a drunk guy goes, "I like the one with the little butt," and my friend had quite an @ss). I can't think of any other stereotypical features at the moment but you get my point. When I see guys online talking about black girls I read what they say and go, "Don't have that, don't do that, don't say that." They're talking about stereotype, the kind of girls you see on jerry springer. Find me a bunch of guys that will say Halle Berry and Beyonce are ugly, you may find a few but not many.

  • Well maybe they aren't mean to you because you're black. It could be due to some other reasons other than your race.

  • If you're just talking about online, people online are rude to everybody. They hide behind their computer screens and talk sh*t. It has nothing to do with race. Now in real life, I have noticed this a little. But where I live, the black girls fit the stereotype. They are loud, ghetto, obnoxious, have huge inflated egos, and get mad when someone simply looks at them. Then they wonder why no guys are into them. I know several black girls who are quiet, polite, and genuinely nice, but in my area, most arn't. Therefore men of ALL races in my school are sort of "rude" and "annoyed" by them I guess.

  • I have never experienced this.

  • Guys actually bring this up to me all the time. Although I think black girls are damn gorgeous, here's what guys have told me... (I don't know why, I love their skin, it isn't discolored like some white people)

    1. They don't find them attractive.

    2. They find them unapproachable

    3. They find them to be, hmm, like, too tough for them?

    They're only nicer to white girls is because they can easily overpower them. And therefore, get some. Their confidence to stand up to the man pisses off the little blokes.

    I'm getting tired of white guys anyway. -_-

  • most of them are racist and don't like black people period. that's why you notice some of them be particularly nasty to you. there are plenty of white girls they aren't attracted to, but they aren't going to be that nasty to ugly white women because they have that basic respect because she's white. black people are seen as less valuable that's why

  • Some feel how we think the media portrays us

  • Let's be real: Most people do not like black folks. They are going to talk sh*t about us because of stereotypes and the media. Most of them have limited to no interaction with black people in general but they hate us because of word of mouth, the media, and because it's the cool thing to do. You have to look at the history of this country, the media didn't just start stereotyping black women. We have been stereotyped and hated since the transatlantic slave trade. That way of thinking didn't just disappear, there are still a lot of people who dislike us, it's just not PC to say in public so they get on the internet and talk sh*t.

    I find it laughable that white guys will talk about us being ugly and fat and undesirable when the majority of us could care less what they think. Black women who are even interested in dating white men are super rare, that's why you always see them on the internet because it doesn't' happen much in real life. We don't like them, but they talk all this sh*t about us like they really are turning down black girls left and right lmao it's ridiculous

    • hmm I personally find many white guys attractive if they are funny and smart and are well good looking. but yes I know a lot of other black girls dont.

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    • a lot of people who aren't black put us down. they go by the stereotype and act like we all or most of us fit that. they may not HATE us but they do think they're better..also the black guys who put us down are usually the ones black women don't want so I kind of don't care..

    • Idk, I mean your right, that people are quick to assume - but everyone does that to some extent. Maybe some peeps think they're better - obviously not but then again they don't really matter

  • Next time they act like idiots, tell them "Obama is the President".

    • and when anyone tells me that, I'll remind them that his election was bought by offshore billionaires, and he's using our hard earned tax money to repay them. And he's shipping truckloads of guns into mexico, resulting in dead border patrol agents and fear of guns among the population. And he hasn't kept any of his problems, that the economy has gotten much worse instead of better, and he hasn't ended any wars, he's started new ones.

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    • Lol and I don't hate Obama either

  • I've never noticed this.