He calls me his girlfriend but never asked me out??

Sometimes he will say that I'm his girlfriend when he refers to me when we're talking alone. We've been together for a few months but he says we're dating and he wants to see where it goes. Why does he call me this then?

So is there a good chance that he is just keeping me around until he finds something better?


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  • Since you two are sexually active and it sounds like he calls you his girlfriend in private but not in public, I would say he is trying to look good in front of you while keeping his options open.

    He could be playing house with you, testing out the idea of a relationship in private while enjoying single status in reality. Yes, he could be only seeing you but until a guy says he is in a relationship with you and calls you girlfriend to all, well he can throw that back in your face if he starts chatting up another girl and you try and call him out on that.

    Personally, sex before relationship is putting the cart before the horse, and this is an example of why. He is now sitting on the fence, able to enjoy both worlds while you wonder what is going to happen. As enjoyable as sex is, it doesn't make a relationship and it doesn't get a guy to consider one either. We all have dry spells without sex and it doesn't kill anyone to go without, so it is much better to put that to the side while we develop the connection it takes to want to be in a relationship. Now you are stuck actually having to say something about it if you really want this stalemate to end. Otherwise, endure it for as long as you can. Good luck!

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      Hmm you have a good point. He's introduced me to many people in his life and says he doesn't do that with just random girls. Maybe sadly he doesn't want the title to keep his options open but I'd like to think it's many other factors going on in our lives that keep us in this position. He says over and over that he doesn't want to date other girls, he just wants to get settled in his new career and house. I need to stop the sex though and see what happens. I told him it makes me uncomfortab

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      yeah all you can do is take things as they come and see how he acts. That's kind of what I'm doing right now. Overall my relationship with this guy has been great and its one of the most open and honest relationships I've had ever. He seems to want to talk things out with me which most guys don't want to do. If you feel you're guy isn't dating other girls and he says he's focusing on getting a house and getting settled in trust him for now with that. Also try not to bring it up anymore until he does.

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      Well, once you start having sex with someone, it usually creates more problems to stop having it, though it sounds like you guys have a way of managing it that is working. If you were to stop altogether, that would just make him think you are no longer in to him or don't care for sex. Worse, it could look like a power play to get him to do what you want. So, do what works for you, but once sex has begun, its begun.