What is the most attractive face shape on a woman?

What face shape is most attractive on a woman? I think a wider face looks nicer in general. I think the least attractive is oblong like Sarah Jessica Parker's.

What do you think?

(The general face shapes are oblong, round, oval, heart, square)


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  • I think attractiveness depends on more than just the shape of your face.

    Your other facial features like your nose/eyes/lips, hair, and skin complexion are all important too. If we're talking about from the neck up - neck down is a whole other story.

    • yeah it isn't just about the shape of the face..but here I'm just wondering out of curiosity in terms of face shapes. I've seen beautiful and unattractive people with all the face shapes.

    • Yea same here. That's why it's hard to pick one. They are all beautiful :D

What Guys Said 2

  • I think heart shaped, but I like oval too.

  • heart shaped..


What Girls Said 8

  • Studies show oval. It is the most versatile and symmetrical

  • I think oval and heart shaped faces are the nicest. I agree that oblong faces don't look very good, which is why I hate mine.

  • I think heart shaped is pretty. Oval would be the second best, I suppose.

  • I like round faces but that might be because mine is round. I guess the 2nd best would be oval or heart shaped.

  • Oval and heart shaped.

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