How do you know if a stripper likes you?

I'm a rookie here...what are the tell-tale signs a stripper likes a guy?

I'll goto a strip club from time to time anywhere from a few months to

yrs from now. Anyway I went and met a stripper, chatted with her and all.

I must of made an impression on her because she tickled me, and allowed me to give her a massage.

And that was even before a lap dance,and she seemed to enjoy it when I gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Any advice would be helpful

Here's a follow up to the question.

Is it possible to be friends with any strippers?

I went back to the strip club lately,and chatted w/the same stripper.

And she likes me as a friend,which I have no problem with.

My question is will it work out in the short term or long term?
Ok,is it common for a stripper to allow a guy to kiss'em on the check?

And is a guy considered a regular when a stripper is happy to see a guy?

Even if it's been months,


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  • Out of curiosity, what DID you say to her?

    Sounds like she likes you more than most people, but isn't feeling anything intense.

    And to the person who said strippers are never sincere. that is not true.Actually, I'm more of an expert on escorts, and sort of translating what I know in that area to strippers. But. the reason I used the word vulnerable so strongly was because when you do sex work, you end up having this emotional armor around you. It is. REALLY nice. So. you do have reactions to people, they are just a few temperatures cooler than normal. There ARE some bad eggs in the business who are just."gold diggers" and slightly sociopath-ic messes, but plenty of them are talented. A lot of girls are attracted to the business because people have been rough with them- either emotionally or physically- and they are seeking out affection. I know it's just as foolish to go to a prostitute to find true love as it is for a prostitute to secretly hope for love from a client that she also happens to be "fatally" attracted to.

    On the harsh side, the bad ones love the sincere attention, because they themselves do not know how to BE sincere. It's like liars- they love to hear the truth because they themselves dispense so little of it!

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      Well I haven't been to the topless club in awhile.

      But when I've gone usually I get 1-lap dance from the stripper.

      And usually a double from someone she knows .

      And she's usually glad to see me the times I drop by.

      Like I said it's been 5-months since I last went to this strip club.

      Could she be bisexual doing the double lap dance?