What makes a hoe?

Is talking to a bunch of guys a hoe? or Does having sex with different guys make you a hoe? What if you just like it?

What is a hoe?


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  • I think a hoe is how you carry yourself around a lot of guy's. If you are having sex with a lot of them, then you don't get respect and you are a hoe, If you like it buy a dildo. If you have a bunch of guy friends, that don't talk about you that way, then you are a bud. It's alright to have self confidence, but it's better if you have self respect. Guy's like to date girls who respect themselves, but they use girls who like to do it. You can't make a hoe a housewife.

    • OoO i love your answer thanks!!

    • Hit it on the nail....you use hoes for sex and you would never date them for a serious relationship.

    • See, why is the finger always pointing at the female? Men are hoes too if they sleep around with a lot of girls but no it seems to be okay for them. Its like girls are put down for doing the exact same things guys do. How unfair is that?

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  • A hoe is a girl who has sex with guys to get something out of them. now girls who have sex with a few different guys, and have those guys respect, and can stand her ground with them. that girl ain't a hoe..... SHE IS ME in a females body. sorry girlie but there's a double standard in society. it sucks but its there. guys who sleep around are awesome. girls who do it are tramps.... I don't think that's true honestly. I like sex... I do it with a few different girls... who am I to tell shorty woomp woomp she can't do the same thing. when you allow yourself to be disrespected and treated like trash. sucking 5 guys off in and letting em all nut in your mouth and video tape it and play it on the TVs in his car, all because he's got a fly car and a few hundred bucks in his pocket... your a hoe... but your just having sex with dude on this side of town, and a dude on the other side of town..... not a hoe... IF UR HONEST ABOUT IT TO BOTH OF THEM. if you can look those boys in the face and say UR NOT THE ONLY ONE.... then your a player, a single girl doing ya thing, having fun being single. my advice to you. keep your mouth shut about what you do, and make sure the dude does too. don't mess wit immature people who can't S T F U sometime. those are the people that are gonna put you in society's HOE blender.

  • A girl that has lots of sex with lots of different guys!

  • A Hoe is not somebody who is more sexually active. In my opinion, a hoe is someone who has sex having a material interest (call it money, a car, social position, etc), but just because you like sex does not make someone a hoe.

    • Interesting answer. I'm not saying I agree, but that's a different perspective. Good answer.

    • Thanks for your comment.

  • If a guy screws around he's just as much a 'hoe'. However, our society is so unfairly biased against the female she is always targeted and degraded while the guy is considered lightly, "Boys will be boys." Yes, both sexes should have enough decency to keep to one mate especially in these days of incurable STDs. But somehow the female is always at fault even though she is considered the weaker sex. Guys need to treat all females with respect as they want guys to treat mother or beloved female family members.


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  • Talking to a bunch of guys is not a hoe if it was then I'm a hoe lol...!!having sex with different people all the time is a hoe! but then again I think why can't we do it guys do! we enjoy sex just as much so there fore we can to as long as we don't give it to anyone anywhere and as long as we use contraceptions condoms and the pill but always condoms then I say do it !!

  • No. talking to a bunch of guys is not a hoe but to them they think it is and make us feel bad for it when we shouldn't. The guys want to do all the playing around and screwing but not the girls. Bump that. But a Hoe is a man or woman who sleeps around with different people all the time especially in a week. A hoe is nasty and really out there just to screw and will open there legs to almost anyone, easy access. A hoe is like a prostitute except the money part or maybe the money. They just sleep with one person after another, no commitment, no self-respect.

    • A hoe, is someone that likes to sleep around.. talking to a lot of men don't make you a hoe. And cause you like sex doesn't mean you are a hoe either.. People can call you a hoe cause of how you dress too, but don't listen to them..

    • True. I agree and I don't know why it is like that. I wish everybody would just mind there own business and stop judging everyone by what they do. to let ppl just be and stop putting them in categories. it's just negative and childish.

  • Absolutely NOT..talking to a bunch of guys doesn't make a girl a hoe.....the only way I could describe a hoe is a girl or GUY for that matter that sleeps around with more than one person...that to me is just sick.

  • I say a hoe is one that sleeps around with a lot of guys. Recently I've been called a hoe just because I made out with a guy I wasn't dating, I don't think that makes me a hoe. I mean is just one guy and he caught me in my weak state I had just broken up with my boyfriend. A hoe is the one that sleeps around with guys.

  • In my perspective speaking with more than one guy does not make you a whore by any means. But you want to keep it at that, once you get physical with these guys the whole story changes. Stay clear of the physical part. There is nothing wrong with just talking to guys and getting to know people. Once you start sleeping with several guys at time it doesn't look so good.

  • A hoe or as I like to call them a cheap hussy is a chick who has no self respect for herself and will bang every guy she see's xD

  • Hoe- will sleep for money.