What makes a hoe?

Is talking to a bunch of guys a hoe? or Does having sex with different guys make you a hoe? What if you just like it?

What is a hoe?


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  • I think a hoe is how you carry yourself around a lot of guy's. If you are having sex with a lot of them, then you don't get respect and you are a hoe, If you like it buy a dildo. If you have a bunch of guy friends, that don't talk about you that way, then you are a bud. It's alright to have self confidence, but it's better if you have self respect. Guy's like to date girls who respect themselves, but they use girls who like to do it. You can't make a hoe a housewife.

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      OoO i love your answer thanks!!

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      Hit it on the nail....you use hoes for sex and you would never date them for a serious relationship.

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      See, why is the finger always pointing at the female? Men are hoes too if they sleep around with a lot of girls but no it seems to be okay for them. Its like girls are put down for doing the exact same things guys do. How unfair is that?