How can I give a girl butterflies?

i don't know why but for some reason I really like the idea of giving a girl butterflies =D I want to know some little things I can do to really get those butterflies fluttering XD

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  • The girl should like you... at least a little before she can get any sort of butterflies.

    Compliment her or say something nice to her. Do cute little things. Its actually quite easy. I get butterflies just reading this question.

    1. Stare at her in the eyes and smile and she'll ask "what" and you tell her that you love her eyes.

    2. Rest your head on her shoulder

    3. tickle her!

    4. wink at her

    5. hold her hand

    6. Buy her something thoughtful even if its something small

    7. stand up for her

    8. take her side

    9. give her a hug


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  • Well for me I get butterflies when a guy who is cute or I like, mostly a guy I like, even walks over to me. Or...hugs me, looks me in the eye, touches my shoulder, little things like that. It's mostly hugs for me.

  • I gotta be honest, I've gotten butterflies from 3 guys before. And none of them really did anything special. I was just really drawn to them and really liked them and it just happened. Unfortunately for me, when I get butterflies I get nervous and act like a fool. I'm usually not nervous around guys I'm into, but those 3 that gave me butterflies, I was a the biggest moron around them.

  • just simple and to the point - just ask her if she would like to do something with you.

  • okay well first;

    this girl really needs to

    like you because that's how

    butterflies start. and you get butterflies

    by basically anything the guy does;

    like holding hands,touching her inner thighs.

    giving her really big hugs, or littel kisses either

    on the cheek or on the forehead.

    you just have to find out what she likes

    personally by looking at her expressions that

    she makes when you do certain things.

  • Be nice.

  • well, you can't force butterflies.

    they come naturally.

  • The only girls you can give butterflies to are the ones that are attracted to you and you really don't have to do much to give those girls butterflies. I get butterflies just when I see the guy I like lol. And eye contact is the easiest way to give me butterflies + a smile always helps :)

    • Sorry this has nothing to do with the question or your answer but your dp is very pretty :)

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    • No problem :)

  • when you hold her hand every once in awhile squeze her hand 3 times in a row but don't do it all the time... I know it sounds weird but it sure gets me every time


  • I get butterflies when I feel special...It is the little things that count and add up to a lot. A nice compliment, a nice gesture, being sweet and courteous for no reason it all helps.

  • If you want to give a girl butterflies.. go to a field, there are tons of them. Catch some, put it in a pot with airholes and stick a red ribbon on it. But keep in mind, most of the butterflies just live only a day, so don't loose any time.

    hope this helped

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    • For everyone its old though so 8-)

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  • Well.. Girls never get butterflies unless they like u.. If they do, then it's not hard xD
    1. Make her feel she's weak between your hands.. Being under your control..
    2. Place your hands around her waist or tickle her if you're too close friends or in a relationship with each other.
    3. Move fast xD
    4. Look at her deeply in the eyes.
    5. Be Flirty.
    Most girls get butterflies in these situation.. If u noticed her nervous, then u have succeeded

  • u can't give butterflies to girls that arn't into you, only girls that are, and for the ones that are all you have to do is breathe in their airspace, and they will get butterflies lol, but if ud like to enhance them even more, holding her hand, saying something really sweet in a text, kissing her I said you can do ANYTHING to a girl who likes you and more likely then not she'll have butterflies


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  • To be down to earth, if she is into you, a soft kiss in her neck, later down her spine, soft hands on breasts, belly and less soft on her booty can do wonders.


    Find out by trial and error: she will help.

  • soft stroking and kissing at the places she likes

  • All you need is a net, a big jar, and some skill. Run around the fields and catch them all like Pokemon. Once you have enough butterflies in your jar be sure to give it to the girl you like right away before they die. No girl likes dead butterflies, well, maybe except the Goths.

    • Oh you're either really thick or really not funny

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    • I really doubt the last comment was true but yeah I tried it but I only managed to get one butterfly because I didn't wanna cause it much stress so soon as I gave it to her she let it go but she thought it was really sweet :)

    • Made me LMAO but wasn't very useful LOL :L

  • There are no set things that give a girl butterflies it just depends on the girl and the guy. Often they won't even tell you they get butterflies. Not really something to aim for it just happens.

    • Maybe she will never say it, but he should notice if it happens xD at least it would be oblivious that she is nervous :DD