Need to break up with friend because of my crush on him. He doesn't want to end things. What now?

The problem: I have an intense crush on my friend, Ryan. While I know that he is not perfect, I'm so attracted to him, his mind and body. We get along well. Too well (we've been had sex a few times recently). Last night we talked about this. I explained that I need us to stop talking and hanging... Show More

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  • ok, I don't know you, but you sound like an intelligent sweet girl, honestly. So, take this with a grain of salt ok? As an outsider looking at this, what you have just told us is that you like this guy and you had sex with him...then broke things off because he wasn't going to be the BF...then reconnected and had sex with him again and again he doesn't want to be the BF...right? Why on earth would he want to be your bf? He has a great thing going...he knows he can hang out with you as friends and sooner or later, he can have sex with you...pretty sweet.

    The only chance you have for him to be your Boyfriend is to tell him, its all or sex, no friends, no texts, no hanging out, no anything until we are a couple. If he calls, it goes to VM, if he texts, you don't respond...let him know you are serious. If he likes you, he will come around and if not, you learned a big lesson and got rid of a dude that was just in it for sex anyway.

    I know the crush is distracting and such, but just go out and met some other sound like a great catch, there are plenty of dudes out there that would be proud to call you their Girlfriend and they are in it just for sex.

    • Ugly truth, but thank you!