How do I break up with a crazy girl?!

Dear readers,

I am an-all around nice guy. I am a college student and am quite popular with the ladies. However, a recent girlfriend of mine hates it when other girls call me. One time, we were walking out of class and I spoke to a female friend of mine that she did not know. When this occurred, my girlfriend blew up! She smacked me in the face and threatened to kill me if I ever cheated. I did absolutely nothing in return. She is the extreme jealous type and even hates for me to speak to girls I have been friends with for years. However, I am not interested in any other girls and only have eyes for her. I even left a more attractive girl who is planning to go to Princeton after she graduates for her. I really like her, but this situation is getting out of hand.

I need advice! Please tell me what I should do.

-A very nice guy


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  • You need Jesus, That girl is the DEVIL!

    Dude,the best lessons we learn in life, are those that we learn in pre-school! For example: If it look like a duck,talk like a duck,and is yellow like a duck,its a duck! If she is calling your phone 24/7 like a stalker, textin you like a stalker 24/7,and is on you Facebook every five minutes waitin for you to get on,she is a crazy,busted,low down and nasty STALKER! Do not pass go ! Do not collect $200 dollars! You Better get away from her, I mean Dodge! Before she kill you,and go to jail. I mean DIRECTLY to jail! Change your phone number and delete her from your friends on Facebook before she destroy your life. I really don't want to see your name along with homoicide in the newspaper. Heed my advice! Watch,pray,and RUN..., because she is not only possessive. She is possessed.

    • Agreed get the f*** out of there, we can use my car and be at the boarder by nightfall.

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  • dump the crazy bitch and get 3 more locks on your door :]

    ouhhm get some mace

    then find a sweetie who turns your world upside down<3

  • You need to sit down with her when she is calm and you are not arguing and tell her you need to discuss something serious. Then, calmly without being accusatory or angry, tell her that you love her, that you want to be with her, but that you cannot accept her jealous behavior. Tell her that it if she continues you will have to recognize that the two of you are not a good match and that as hard as it would be you will have to end your relationship. And, then, stick to it.

    Separate from that, be honest with yourself about your relationships with these girls. You say you are quite popular with the ladies. It takes two to tango and if you are encouraging girls to flirt with you or say/do things that appear to be the kind of things that people normally do before they start dating each other, well you are not doing right by your girl. Now, if a girl calls you to discuss a class or school related subjects, that is one thing, but girls calling you to chit chat and basically flirt it up with you, that is not cool.

  • Tell her confidence is a huge turn on for guys, and that her behavior is unacceptable, and you will not continue a relationship if she's going to behave as the jealous type. I would also add "don't ruin our relationship over your paranoia", and then go take her out for a nice dinner and enjoy yourselves! If things don't change you may have to break up with her, because the jealous type will only get better once they accept they need to change.


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  • Dump her: jealousy leads only to misery, she's a recent friend and there are lots of fish in the sea.

  • Break up with her.

    She's physically assaulted you. Once someone hits their significant other, whatever chance there was at feelings of love and respect are gone.

    She'll never treat you the same now.

  • Leave her bro, might want to carry a legal weapon on you though just in case. My personal favorite thing for the crazies is a baseball bat, it doesn't have to be lethal, almost everyone knows how to use it, and no one will think twice if you walk down the street with it.

  • ik what you mean dude the girl that likes me is kinda like her and I'm too nice to do anything about it lol, sounds like you needa just tell her that she needs to stop acting like this and that you need your space