How do I break up with a crazy girl?!

Dear readers,

I am an-all around nice guy. I am a college student and am quite popular with the ladies. However, a recent girlfriend of mine hates it when other girls call me. One time, we were walking out of class and I spoke to a female friend of mine that she did not know. When this occurred, my girlfriend blew up! She smacked me in the face and threatened to kill me if I ever cheated. I did absolutely nothing in return. She is the extreme jealous type and even hates for me to speak to girls I have been friends with for years. However, I am not interested in any other girls and only have eyes for her. I even left a more attractive girl who is planning to go to Princeton after she graduates for her. I really like her, but this situation is getting out of hand.

I need advice! Please tell me what I should do.

-A very nice guy


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  • You need Jesus, That girl is the DEVIL!

    Dude,the best lessons we learn in life, are those that we learn in pre-school! For example: If it look like a duck,talk like a duck,and is yellow like a duck,its a duck! If she is calling your phone 24/7 like a stalker, textin you like a stalker 24/7,and is on you Facebook every five minutes waitin for you to get on,she is a crazy,busted,low down and nasty STALKER! Do not pass go ! Do not collect $200 dollars! You Better get away from her, I mean Dodge! Before she kill you,and go to jail. I mean DIRECTLY to jail! Change your phone number and delete her from your friends on Facebook before she destroy your life. I really don't want to see your name along with homoicide in the newspaper. Heed my advice! Watch,pray,and RUN..., because she is not only possessive. She is possessed.

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      Agreed get the f*** out of there, we can use my car and be at the boarder by nightfall.